I Don’t Want a Business Coach, I Want a Concierge

Pure Business Coaching is a waste of money. You need a deep generalist who can bring so much more.

And that was the subject of my most recent Blackboard Fridays episode, which you can see in full here or watch below.

In classic subtitles, I also call myself a “couch”!

The crux of my position is this: as a business owner, there are a LOT of things you need to master … and most of them are unrelated to the specific industry expertise that compelled you into business ownership in the first place.

Coaching has a place, but assumes you know everything. And across aspects of business as diverse as tax planning, training, governance, or succession, that’s a horribly incorrect assumption.

The alternative is a “Concierge”, someone with the business expertise to help you – through coaching, consulting, or a personalised introduction – across all the different areas of your business. This is the deep generalist approach I bring to my clients and business relationships.

In the video, I promised to share the whole list of business areas – there are 32 in all. If you’re interested, click here to download both that list AND the strategic training analysis I discuss in the video to see where you (and your business) might benefit from support.

And if you’re interested in that support – let’s chat!

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