IN THE MEDIA: What’s the Difference between Coaching and Consulting?

Source: Coaching Life Magazine

by Jacob Aldridge

When I started my career in 2006, I had to explain to people what ‘business coaching’ was. Now, I have to explain how I’m different from the dozen shonky business coaches they’ve met at networking breakfasts.

I do this by telling them I’m a business coach who doesn’t believe business coaching works; how coaches who are proud they’re not consultants are setting up their clients, and their own business, for failure.

So, what is the difference between a consultant and a coach, and how does that distinction play out in the reality of helping business clients?

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You might also enjoy comparing these two articles: A day in the life of a business coach (yours truly) versus the life of a business consultant.

This was my local pub when I worked in London. I kept asking, but they never gave me any horses.

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  1. Coaching is all about educating someone and helping them build knowledge. Consulting is giving advise and not really focusing or caring whether you actually educate someone (or a business).

    1. Well said Michael. As I like to say, in the long term it’s more valuable to teach a man to fish (coaching, training etc), although a starving man needs you to give him a fish immediately (consulting). So both have a place in modern business.

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