IN THE MEDIA: Why Am I Here?

Source: Elite Agent magazine

by Jacob Aldridge

The launch this week of #RealReach, my online coaching and training platform for Real Estate Principals, reminded me to share this recent article I was asked to write for Elite Agent magazine.

AFTER 17 YEARS IN REAL ESTATE, business coach Jacob Aldridge has sat through more than 6,800 meetings. You’ve probably been to a few yourself. If you’ve ever found yourself asking ‘Why am I here?’ you need to check out these five steps to making meetings more productive and valuable to all participants.

Read the whole article here.

Watch the #BlackboardFridays video it’s based on below, or over at businessDEPOT by clicking here.

And if you like the sound of that, make sure you visit #RealReach where members can access more in depth guidance for business owners, from me and more than a dozen real estate industry experts.

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