The Elements of a Practical Marketing Strategy

Like Sand Through an Hourglass


It’s been an eventful few weeks in the Aldridge household. Many of you shared the long and windy road that my beautiful wife and I took to parenthood, and it’s remarkable to me that a further ~5 years have passed.

Starting a child at school has triggered many unpleasant memories of my school years. On our recent trip to Malaysia, with no planning, we were fortunate to meet 8 (!) different families who are pursuing Homeschooling, Worldschooling, or Unschooling – mostly while travelling the world.

A stark reminder that so many things we take for granted – like being geographically tied to a location for 13+ years while educating your children – remain choices that you can make. Or make differently.

In your business and your life, what decisions do you take for granted that stop you living the dream? Do you have the courage to make a different choice? 

What’s Your Como?

Blackboard Fridays Episode #46 –  How to Create a Marketing Strategy that Works

Most business owners I talk to do very little Marketing.

(Most also feel anxious when I ask about their 3 month cash flow forecast. The two are related.)

Now, “Marketing” doesn’t just mean “Paid Advertising”, but there’s usually an investment of money and time required to make it hum.

In this week’s episode, I dive deeper into the specific elements that help you establish a great Marketing Plan.

Once you answer these questions for your customers and your business, you’ll be much better placed to determine which ongoing activities (like Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Ads, or Producing a Weekly Video Series Standing in Front of a Blackboard) will connect you with more clients on a regular basis.

Watch this week’s video or read the summary article here.

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