Top 5 with Gavin Rubinstein #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Gavin Rubinstein: From Zero to Hero.

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  1. Gavin uses his personal background as motivation – there’s some misperception that he was gifted his start in this industry, but while he grew up surrounded by abundant love it was also an upbringing of financial stress. The desire to build financial success, instead of stress, was what drove him to start and succeed. Linking this back to the key themes from across the conference, Gavin is super clear about his WHY and he is able to articulate it. Or as he says it: FIND YOUR FIRE!

    Like many of us converting our Vision to Strategy, when you move forward you learn more about the WHAT and HOW that follows from your WHY. Gavin had some great times working in premier UK clubs, but realised financial success for him also involved freedom and autonomy – the sort of things Real Estate can provide.

  2. So the Vision becomes a Strategy, the Dream becomes a Plan. For Gavin, it really was cold calling and it was the target of 30 CONVERSATIONS (not calls – conversations) every day. He talked about other agents’ listings, in a giving mentality, to create relationships for the long term. As Mark McLeod taught him: Frequency Builds Trust.

    Profile was Gavin Rubenstein’s priority. Now, with social media and abundant listings, that’s much easier. In the early days he tackled videos – cheesy videos, interviews with clients (about the process of working with Gavin, not just testimonials), people bidding at auctions (which you can now do on Facebook Live remember!).

    The modern day Listing Kit? It’s your own website – like

  3. His team is his ‘family’. Jerome the 2IC – ensuring Gavin’s capacity is managed, that his time is put to its most valuable use. This led to Anita, “the weapon”, alert and effective heading up marketing for properties and the whole office while also handling the non-real estate elements of Gavin’s personal life. Ivan Bresic as his business coach. Oliver as a Buyers Agent who also ensures that no Listing opportunities ever get missed.
  4. How to maintain this? It’s the “Champion Mindset”. Complacency kills good real estate businesses. For example, there’s a whiteboard in the Ray White Double Bay office that lists every agent’s GCI for the year (updated monthly) – Gavin’s been on top for a while now, but ask the team and they will say “he works as though he’s coming last”. You’re only as good as next month.
  5. Top Tips – what Gavin thinks are essential for the modern agent:
    1. How to make 10 Commissions from 1 – Make the sale. Take the underbidders to houses that aren’t on the market – Gavin has one story of the flow on effect, as a house that wasn’t even for sale led to a series of other neighbours, multiple-property owners, and buyers becoming sellers.
    2. Be Question Based – qualification is everything
    3. Never Stop Learning
    4. Health is Wealth – and it’s an energy game, so that flows through to what you wear and how you feel as well as things like a gym routine and eating well
    5. Reward the Hard Work – book holidays in advance. This makes him doubly productive, because he has something to work for.
    6. Mentors – poor performers can’t afford them; top performers can’t imagine life without them.

Think BIG! Even if you’re short … because if these guys are going it, so can you. Sounds unrealistic – but being realistic is the road to mediocrity.

Our next speaker is Monika Tu – live blogged here.

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Gavin Rubinstein
Gavin Rubinstein

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