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Enjoy this post from the 2014 Shirlaws Australia Conference. The 2015 Shirlaws Conference is now open for registration – join me and 200 fellow CEOs and business owners for 2 days of power learning, October 7-9. Click here for information and registration.

I volunteered to be the official blogger at the Shirlaws Australia Conference. These posts were added to the Conference App in real time, and are being belatedly published here for those who weren’t able to attend. This is the fifth of six posts – I hope you’re finding value in my learnings, and that I will see you in 2015!

There was no specific blog from me for Session one this morning as I was on stage! I had the privilege of facilitating an awesome session with four entrepreneurs as guest speakers.

Thank for your sharing your candid experiences for the benefit of all:

Now we welcome back Nic Rixon for a session on blockages. If we’re about to roll into an 18 year growth period (see the earlier Innovation blogs on Market Trends and the Economic Clock by Darren Shirlaw) then what will stop your business from maximising on that?

Nic starts by connecting yesterday’s capacity strategy material with the Shirlaws Stages Framework. On your stages journey there are two key vision points – Payback and Advanced growth. Your ‘number’ from session one yesterday is your target at one of these points.

The businesses that will grow the fastest are the ones who release their fear the fastest. What scares you about your next growth step?


We’re now exploring my favourite new business framework – portfolio. Let’s explore not only Income and Equity, but the distinction between short term and long term. I’ll add a brief explanation video below, but here is the upshot. Most entrepreneurs, business owners in private enterprise, live their life in a space of Anxiety and Hope.

Anxiety for a short term income needs. Will the money keep coming next month, next quarter, next year?

And Hopeful that one day, some day, all that anxiety will pay off in the form of long term equity realisation.

How does that feel?

So what do you need to do in your business to feel secure and excited rather than Anxious and Hopeful? Long term income through assets such as innovative systems, culture, product extension and/or channels and partnerships (with an equity vision) trading hard assets etc.

There’s no amount that’s too much to charge for brilliant IP.

Walk the Plank

We’ve just witnessed 20 CEOs walking the plank. I won’t give away the exercise (or the fun), but the final lessons become apparent:

  • Your brain believes what you tell it
  • Your subconscious will feed you the evidence to match your patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Some people believe “The Opportunity is NOWHERE”
  • Some people believe “The Opportunity is NOW HERE”

For more information, call Jacob Aldridge and Shirlaws 1300 853 772.

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