What’s the #1 Priority in Your Business?

The Simplest Framework for Focus



I won’t bore you with the whole “new year, new business” BS, because we all know your January Strategy Day is probably a waste of time.

What you need as a business owner is a ridiculously simple and objective framework that you – and your leadership team – can use all year round to help determine your top strategic priorities.

If 2023 didn’t hit all your goals, or it did and you’re wondering what’s next, let my fictional friend Ed take you inside his head to show you a better way.

1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #41 – Your #1 Priority in Business

One risk with the Contextual Frameworks I share is that, outside a bespoke coaching session, they can feel too theoretical.

So let’s take one of my most valuable frameworks – the Layers of Context in business, aka the 5 Whys – and show you the practical application you can use any time you want.

When you have competing opportunities and priorities in your mind, or your team are pitching you an abundance of great ideas, this is the secret to focus and results.

Sharing this at the start of a new year – when you may be in the right headspace to tackle it? That’s a bonus!

Watch the full video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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