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I wonder sometimes why anyone would follow me on Twitter. (Hint: You should.) It seems most Twitter accounts have a clear focus – someone’s business, or their personal life, or a football team and so on. Of course, I’m a Deep Generalist on a mission to make that an exciting life choice for more people....
Guinness World Record Breakers
Millennials will be the richest generation in history, outpacing even the Baby Boomers. The average 20-35 year old today will retire with more money in real terms and a higher quality of life than any generation that has preceded them.
How to walk through Brisbane International Airport Departures (BNE), written by a Brisbane resident who flies from BNE International regularly.
After the newly elected President is assassinated on election night, search for truth through the eyes of Cabinet and the media. This novel was originally released as a weekly serial during the 2004 US Presidential Election campaign. Download The Cookie from the Cookie Jar here Foreword (2008) I recently read Primary Colors for the first...
DATELINE: Santorini, Greece I’m writing this post from the Cycladian island of Santorini, sitting on a balcony where I can see the bottomless blue Agean Sea on both sides of this narrow land and admiring the volcano which is slowly reforming in the middle of the caldera. The eruption that tore apart this island around...
Wow. Shit’s getting real folks… For the first time since I started my coaching practice in 2006, I am now fully operating under my own Brand. #BrandJacob. This is not to take anything away from Shirlaws Group (2006-2016), Real Estate Grow (which rolled into #RealReach, where I am a shareholder and Editor-in-Chief), or businessDEPOT (where...
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