Who Wants to Case Study My First AI Product? 

Full Service, No Cost, Because I Understand Business Risk

The greatest challenge embracing AI is the upfront investment of time, especially into software solutions that may not workmay not last, or can’t be scaled because as an SME you don’t have hundreds of employees to leverage.

So in my research I’ve been finding experts, not just tools, who understand small business and private enterprise:

  • I have teamed up with one of Australia’s best-regarded headshot photography studios
  • to offer a complete done-for-you solution
  • which leverages AI and includes 3 key points of human engagement
  • to advance both your marketing and team culture goals
  • for a low cost, no subscription price.

If you have a Team / About Us page on your website with 5-20 team members, then I’m offering you the opportunity to be one of our 3 reference cases – and I’ll pay all of the associated costs. Click here if you want to learn more about that, or read on below.

  1. Your AI Tool of the Week adds personality to team photos that remain aligned to your brand
  2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #14 continues our exploration of Business Risk profiles with multiple shareholders

1. Better Head – Supercharge Your Existing Team Headshots

3 Reference Cases Wanted | Estimated Cost <$250

The Pitch: “Turn existing Photos into Better Marketing and a Team Building Exercise”
Almost 10 years ago I first wrote about how your Profile Photo is an overlooked marketing opportunity, and the reason is simple:

  1. You need team profile photos that are consistent, so your team look aligned and on brand
  2. The best profile photos are distinctive and personalised

Most of us have seen team profile pages on websites, where the various headshots are a mash of different styles, backgrounds, and lighting. No brand consistency. But you’ve probably also seen pages where – in pursuit of brand alignment – the whole team just blend into a boring blob of sameness.

Let me solve both problems at once

I want to give you better head…shots, and while we’ve designed a full end-to-end process I’m launching with a minimum-viable-product that turns existing photos into breakthrough marketing that also engages your team without wasting their time.

How does it work?

  1. We take your current, quality, consistent headshots
  2. Your team personalise their photo via online form with answers to a common theme
    (eg, animal + holiday destination, hobby + artist, or my favourite superhero)
  3. For each team member, you receive a file where their headshot metamorphizes into their choice of that theme (examples below)
  4. This new file can be embedded on your website, as a mouse-over video file or (as used below, due to the limits of email marketing) a gif that plays automatically

What you get

Your end result is a team profile page that remains professional and consistent … but also overflows with personality and style.

  • Watch as your team compare each other’s end videos – who knew Jerry loved flamingos!
  • Listen as your clients and prospects start talking about your amazing team.
  • Share on social media and through your marketing channels, to spotlight team members and demonstrate your brand without losing the essentials of team photos.

Show me some examples

On your website these will work best as a ‘mouse-over’ or ‘tap on mobile’, where visitors can choose to activate a normal photo into the personalised colourful experience. But that doesn’t work in an email, so these 3 examples are gifs that play automatically.

Jacob turns into a tiger in Paris
Harmony loves flamingoes on the Cinque Terre
Casual Jacob eating becomes a Besuited Businessman

Available in a variety of different styles and dozens of bespoke customisations, would this spark conversation among your team and clients? Why not try risk free and grab one of the reference case opportunities by reaching out to me here.

Lastly … a warning.

If you turn yourself into a victorious Australian cricketer at Lord’s, you might offend all of your English readers. #WorthIt

2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #14 – Business Risk Part II

Last week’s short business video focused on Business Risk Profiles: how they impact leaders, and especially how they secretly create frustration in multiple-shareholder or family-business situations. (Missed it? Read and Watch here.)

These week we learn that not all Business Risk is created equal. Specifically, we explore the four categories of risk: Investment, Returns, Volatility, and Management.

As you can see, even aligned overall risk appetites (say, 7 out of 10) can clash if those partners like to take different types of risk – especially if one person loves to ‘have a crack’ when making the decision, while the other loves detailed due diligence … followed by a ‘she’ll be right’ approach to business management.

Which types of risk do you like to take?

Watch this week’s video or read the article here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor
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