IN THE MEDIA: I was on FM104 Radio in Dublin, Ireland

This Man Spent 60 Hours Watching Movies Back To Back

Source: The Room on FM104

Imagine my surprise to receive an email from the team behind Dublin’s top-rating evening radio program ‘The Room’. In the Coronavirus Lockdown world, they’ve been talking a LOT about binge-watching everyone’s favourite shows on Netflix et al … and it occurred to one of the Producers to search how long a person could actually last doing that.

Naturally, they came across my Guinness World Record for Movie Watching. And recognising good craic when they see it, immediately reached out to see if I would be happy to do an interview with the hosts Saoirse Long and Cormac Moore.

Hopefully you can’t tell from the 11 minutes of top quality banter, but we ended up recording this interview at 3am my time! The lengths I will go to help make great radio around the world.

Listen to the whole conversation here.

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