How to Start a Video Editing Business

How to start a Video Editing Business including pricing, packaging, and sales tips. I break the question into 3 categories: Product, Market, and Skills.

Monthly Update December 2019

Home for Christmas (You can read last month’s update here; next month’s here.) Family When I left you at the end of November, I had just returned to the UK to see my beautiful wife and happy baby after 3 weeks living like a bachelor back home in Australia. Our #3Drifters #GrandTour continued into December (see…

Guinness World Record Breakers

Why Millennials will be the Richest Generation in History

Millennials will be the richest generation in history, outpacing even the Baby Boomers. The average 20-35 year old today will retire with more money in real terms and a higher quality of life than any generation that has preceded them.

How to Walk Through Brisbane International Airport (BNE)

How to walk through Brisbane International Airport Departures (BNE), written by a Brisbane resident who flies from BNE International regularly.

Webinar Presentation Jacob Aldridge

Context 2008: Acknowledgement [ARCHIVE]

Originally published on the Shirlaws Business Coaching Blog, 2007-2010. At the beginning of each year I set myself a theme, a focus point or guiding purpose for what I want to achieve this year and how I want to feel. This isn’t a laborious or detailed exercise. Being a ‘feeler‘, I usually sit on the…


The Cookie from the Cookie Jar (2004 Book)

After the newly elected President is assassinated on election night, search for truth through the eyes of Cabinet and the media. This novel was originally released as a weekly serial during the 2004 US Presidential Election campaign. Foreword (2008) I recently read Primary Colors for the first time, which may seem surprising for an Amerophile…

Monthly Update November 2019

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. (You can read last month’s update here; next month’s here.) Family As November ended, we celebrated my beautiful wife’s 3xth birthday and our calm and happy daughter’s 8 month birthday – she is rapidly closing in on having spent half her life overseas. The birthday…

Webinar Presentation Jacob Aldridge

The Procern [ARCHIVE]

Originally published on the Shirlaws Business Coaching Blog, 2007-2010. One of the things I love about being a business coach is that I can spend a lot of time working with staff on the ground for a business. I can support those who really know what’s going on, provide them with frameworks and, on occasion, advise them…

Monthly Update October 2019

For a change, I’ll keep this one brief. (You can read last month’s update here; next month’s here.) Family We are now (at the end of October, 2019) three months in to our European travels with our (now) 7 month old daughter. Importantly, we are now at the end of the main trip which also…