IN THE MEDIA: How to Invest Your Law Firm’s Time Correctly

Source: Lawyers Weekly by Jerome Doraisamy The most important resource that a boutique law firm has is the time of its team members. Wasting productivity is a sure-fire way to stall success, argues one professional. Speaking to Lawyers Weekly, international business adviser Jacob Aldridge, who specialises in the legal profession, said he doesn’t believe that…

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After the Gold Rush [ARCHIVE]

Originally published on the Shirlaws Business Coaching Blog, 2007-2010. In my last post I discussed my personal theme for this year, and previously I outlined that the general purpose of my blog is to spark ideas and conversation. Clearly, I appreciate the benefits that come from having a clear ‘one word‘ filter. So what’s the one word for the…

How Do Franking Credits Work in Australia

Sure, you could read a detailed explanation of how Franking Credits work in Australia, written by a Quant using math no-one understands. Or you could read this 2 minute version by me. Let’s say (for simple numbers) that you own 10% of a Company and that Company makes $100,000 profit. The company will pay Corporate…

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My Sports Teams (are the best)

I wonder sometimes why anyone would follow me on Twitter. (Hint: You should.) It seems most Twitter accounts have a clear focus – someone’s business, or their personal life, or a football team and so on. Of course, I’m a Deep Generalist on a mission to make that an exciting life choice for more people.…

How I Set Core Values for my Business (and my Life)

This was sparked by a great discussion led by the #1 Best Selling author Penny Power, author of Business is Personal. I de-merged my advisory practice in 2019, so my business is back being 100% personal with all the advantages that offers. My beautiful wife are I continue to implement the Vision and Business Strategy…

How to Start a Video Editing Business

How to start a Video Editing Business including pricing, packaging, and sales tips. I break the question into 3 categories: Product, Market, and Skills.

Monthly Update December 2019

Home for Christmas (You can read last month’s update here; next month’s here.) Family When I left you at the end of November, I had just returned to the UK to see my beautiful wife and happy baby after 3 weeks living like a bachelor back home in Australia. Our #3Drifters #GrandTour continued into December (see…

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Why Millennials will be the Richest Generation in History

Millennials will be the richest generation in history, outpacing even the Baby Boomers. The average 20-35 year old today will retire with more money in real terms and a higher quality of life than any generation that has preceded them.

How to Walk Through Brisbane International Airport (BNE)

How to walk through Brisbane International Airport Departures (BNE), written by a Brisbane resident who flies from BNE International regularly.