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Your Business Will Only Grow as Much as You are Willing to Grow

Do you remember your goals when your business began?

Most of the 2,000 business owners I’ve worked with had an early goal that looked like Income, Wealth, or Lifestyle.

But as they achieved success beyond the Start-Up Phase, they began to realise the opportunity and desire was much larger. 

Now the business goal was to create true Freedom and Impact. Are you ready for that?

Because with that higher realisation comes the greater strategic challenge: What got you here, won’t get you there.

You need to change.

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Welcome to Segment 4 in our Series

1. Source not Outcome

Strategic Projects are the unsung heroes of small business growth, the focus and initiative that propels you to new heights.

Given the value they provide (to business owners who are ready), these targeted projects are the foundation of a great coaching business like mine – as my case studies and testimonials profess.

But these projects are just the Outcome. In some ways completing a project is like closing a great big sale – it’s easier to point to the Outcome than to highlight the myriad Source activity that led to the final result.

Will Jacob Aldridge under the new Como brand continue to help design and execute strategic projects across Revenue, Profit, Growth, and Wealth? Yes.

Do those projects go deep into all 28 areas of a business? Yes.

But when you want to transform your business – fully internally, or with understanding and guidance – you need to know that Freedom and Impact are created at Source when you focus on yourself as a leader, not just the strategy you design and execute into your team.

How You Change for Freedom and Impact

1) Context

Leading for freedom and impact begins with a greater awareness about why you make the business decisions you do. When you bring awareness to the context in which you make your decisions, you can communicate more clearly and (when necessary) make a better choice much faster.

No doubt you’ve been told the virtue of working on your business, not in your business. Working at Context, not Content is the smoothest way to achieve this change.

And when you work on your business by making choices at a context level, something fundamental shifts in your business and your life.

You begin accelerating your outcomes by being ‘at cause’ in all areas of your life, rather than being restricted and believing you are ‘at effect’ of those things (like recruitment or the economy) outside your control.

2) Confidence

Don’t let the ego and bluster fool you, many business leaders lack confidence about what is really required for them to transition their business to the next level.

This lack of confidence manifests itself in bouts of anxiety and frustration, as you fall prey to shiny object syndrome and attempt to find shallow solutions to foundational cracks.

When you understand the transition required to get from here to there, and ultimately to where you want your life to be, the anxiety and overwhelm morphs to a relaxed confidence.

Imagine how your life would be different if you were working with relaxed confidence every hour of every day?

3) Courage

Truth time: what holds back many business leaders is a lack of courage to ignore the doubters and do what they know is best.

It’s not some competitor or the taxman; we are each our own worst enemy in business. We are the ones who know, truly know, the decision that needs to be made. And yet we don’t act decisively.

How often do you hold yourself back when making a critical decision? 

Having the courage to act from your own true wisdom, leading a business from love not fear? That’s the path to freedom and impact.

Strategic Projects Available Now

So Strategic Projects, lots of fun. And they are necessary to make those big leaps, when incremental growth no longer improves your life. How else could you improve Profit, Revenue, Growth, or Valuation by 20% – 100%+ in the coming year?

Just remember. Those projects that succeed have one thing in common: the business owner’s willingness to change themselves as well, to act with context, confidence, and courage.

Are you truly ready to make that change?

2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #25 – Testing Your Startup’s New Business Idea

I wish more new businesses and startups would ask themselves this question: do I actually have a good idea?

Because all too often I see businesses fail by building “a solution in search of a problem”. When their Product doesn’t fit the Market … they blame the Market instead of taking responsibility.

Testing your startup’s new business idea is simple, but not necessarily easy. You need to commit to these 3 steps … and truly listen to the response.

You’ll get 3 possible responses when you take your idea to market.

And you might be surprised to learn that the worst possible response is “Yes, that’s a great idea”.

Watch this week’s video or read the summary article here.

See you next Friday,

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor
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