Would you pay $5,000/mth for an AI Business Coach?

Here is When and How to Replace Me With an AI Business Coach

Business owners need AI – Artificial Intelligence – to improve productivity, and rapidly release extra time and money.

Paradoxically, SMEs rarely have the time and money to test and invest in these solutions.

That’s when they need another type of AI – Actual Intelligence. Read on to learn more…

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Last week I introduced the broad process I’m applying with my business owner clients. As a business leader, you need to understand this to apply it yourself – with or without external input, and whether you can stop at Segment 4 or want to keep going, this sequence is the roadmap to your Como.

Today I want to focus on Segment 1… 

1. I Can be Replaced 

Right now (today, August 25 2023) you can use ChatGPT or Bard (with the right Prompts) as a business coach.

The only flaw? They’re 💩 .

(I outlined some of the reasons on Twitter recently. In essence, generative AI uses averages to give the “most-likely-correct-answer”. And average answers = mediocre business.)

But, that’s changing.

Within the next 372 days, you’ll be able to install an AI business coach on your phone. It will learn your business, give insight across all 28 areas of your business, and be available 24/7.

  • Would that help a professional services firm like Michael’s, who I helped grow from $100,000 per month revenue to $1 million per month? Yes.
  • Would that help Marty and Ashley, the electrical trade business I helped grow from 12 staff to 50 empowered employees? Yes.
  • Would that help Dan and Anne, who owned a $3 million building services company but hadn’t taken a holiday in 10 years (until I taught their team sales)? Yes.
A Santorini Sunset, courtesy of your business coach

In fact, this new AI Business Coach will be a dream for my target clients – those beautiful people who are focused, ambitious, and just feeling a little stuck or uncertain about how to manifest their big business vision.

Instead of asking their friends for recommendations, calling and inviting me in for a coffee, and taking a risk on human guidance and understanding … you’ll be able to download a confidential app and get coached immediately.

How good is that!!

So Why Am I Excited

That excites me for two reasons:

  1. A lot of business coaching is a waste of money. Good riddance and all that.
  2. I plan to build one of the best solutions in the AI market. If I don’t retire to Lake Como first.

and a bonus reason

3. Even if AI replaces 100% of my client work … which it could … that just opens up more space for me to help.

How? The other AI – Actual Intelligence.

And You Don’t Have to Wait

Actual Intelligence already exists, though you may think it’s rare.

You almost certainly have this wisdom in your business right now – possibly, mostly, in the space between your ears.

For everything I do as the Trusted Advisor to my business owner clients, and all of the coaching they do for their management team, the most valuable being present to their needs and bringing the right solution.

Sometimes the right solution is just that – an answer, a recommendation, an introduction.

Usually it’s the application of a framework from my strategic toolkit specifically designed to bring Context to each unique Content challenge.

And sometimes it’s pure coaching – a metaphorical slap in the face or push into your deeper intuition.

100% of my clients are already using AI in their business, but my #1 priority remains the same:

  • spend time in your presence,
  • join you inside the helter skelter of your mind, and
  • bring my experience to address your fears and create your Como. 

When was the last time you shared your whole vision with someone who could empathise and help?

Actual Intelligence

So, for the next 372 days at least, the solution for business owners stuck in pursuit of their vision will start and end with AI – Actual Intelligence.

Scheduled, prepared coaching sessions with me as often as you want them.

And, most importantly, all the extra access you need by phone / text / email.

As my client Doug said at 5.30pm yesterday on his way to daycare pick-up – “Thanks for answering, this was exactly the phone call I needed”.

(Yeah, obviously all names and details tweaked for anonymity)

2. Jacob Speaks! – The Something Digital Conference Raconteur

In addition to being modest, I’m a darn good event MC and conference speaker.

But there’s one speaking category where I’m among the best in the world: making it up on the spot.

Imagine delivering an impromptu speech to a really large audience. Terrifying? Well your worst fear is how I make a living.

And next week at Something Digital, I get to do it TWICE. As the official conference raconteur, I’ll be delivering a spontaneous summary of this amazing innovation festival at the end of both Tuesday and Wednesday.

3. Blackboard Fridays Episode #22 – How to Empower Your Team (Part 2)

Last week, I presented an overview of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose as 3 key drivers for employee motivation … and explained why they were a great concept, but hard to implement. 

You need more than inspiration – you need specific, practical steps for improving your business and empowering your team. So in this episode of #BlackboardFridays, let me provide a checklist of steps for you to review in your business.

Are you doing what needs to be done to help your team feel:

  • Belonging?
  • Individuality?
  • Stability?
  • Risk?
  • Present?
  • Future?

Empowered individuals and a more successful business awaits.

Watch this week’s video or read the summary article here.

See you next Friday,

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor
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