ChatGPT is Not AI

Getting into the Weeds: We AIn’t seen nuttin’ yet.

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Ever since it became the fastest program to attract 100 million users, ChatGPT has been a target for criticism. The internet is littered with people showing its mistakes, and while some are hilarious the most pointed criticism (“don’t worry accountants, we have nothing to fear”) come from people who misunderstand that ChatGPT is not AI.

ChatGPT is one application of AI (specifically, it’s an LLM – Large Language Model). That’s different to the AI tool I shared last week that creates new backgrounds for your LinkedIn profile.

Asking ChatGPT to do your taxes and then laughing when it can’t … is like trying to build a spreadsheet in Gmail and then boasting to the world how irrelevant Google is.

So don’t worry about the limits of any one AI application; embrace the opportunities that abound. Indeed – if AI research is not part of your business culture (see this week’s video) then you may need to prioritise some work there as well.

  1. Your AI Tool of the Week gets into the weeds with AI – literally
  2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #6 explains how to Design a Business Culture

1. Carbon Robotics Laserweeder – Your AI Tool of the Week

Estimated $500,000 investment per Robot

The Pitch: “Precision weed control with AI-powered laser weeding. Sub-millimeter accuracy. Great ROI.”

In this segment I aim to introduce you to tools almost any SME can use… but sometimes I come across something that just way too cool not to share. Introducing the AI-enabled Laserweeder.

Frickin’ Lasers!

This is where ChatGPT bashers miss the point. Sometimes AI can help you cheat on your Shakespeare homework; sometimes it can kill 100,000 weeds per hour to promote crop growth with far fewer herbicides.

Would you pay $500,000 for an AI robot that was 15 times as productive as an employee? Soon you might have that choice…

2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #6

Some Companies optimise for Culture far too early. Most don’t think until it’s far too late.

Culture – like every other aspect of your business – is something that can be defined and managed. Frustratingly, those who attempt to do so often just pay lip service to a Mission and Values that none of the team understand … or implement.

Don’t let your Culture be something that isn’t ever lived. Make it real with these 4 questions:

  1. Who is our ideal team member?
  2. Why are we in business at all?
  3. What are our core values, that inform our daily decisions?
  4. How do we live our culture at work every day?

When your team can answer those questions, commercial AND cultural success will follow.

Watch this week’s video or read the article here.

How to Design a Business Culture

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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