Small Business Owners – What’s Your Number?

What’s Your Number?
And who is helping you reach there?

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When I speak at business conferences I often talk about how “most owners start their business because they want to earn more money, have more time, and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle”.

It’s a great way to identify the actual business owners in the room: because they’re the ones laughing at what I have to say.

Despite the speedbumps and brick walls they face, most business owners know their number … the figure that would allow them to sell up or shut down their business and sail into the sunset (or their next big idea).

So, Dear Reader… what’s your number? In this week’s video I help explain the financial connection between wealth and freedom (and there’s also this version for non-business owners).

  1. Your AI Tool of the Week is a fun branding tool for an overlooked marketing opportunity
  2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #5 dives into The Wealth Quadrant for Business Owners

1. – Your AI Tool of the Week

No Cost PFP (Profile Picture)

The Pitch: “Get ready to stand out on social media in 3 easy steps.”

The intersection of AI and Photography is immense, but I couldn’t care less.

Yes, it’s amazing that you can create your own avatar, journey to whole new worlds, or replace the background of your product photos with a calm lake on fire.

But my focus with every business client is practical. How can you apply AI photo technology with minimal effort for maximum return, today? So what if you could instantly turn boring Profile Pictures into a vibrant Brand people notice?

I’m genuinely not sure which of these is the most attractive?

Your profile picture is an overlooked marketing opportunity. I spent 30 seconds on this no cost Profile Picture tool, and I’m applying the output by changing my social media and marketing profile photos more often to draw attention. Has your team got 30 seconds?

  1. Have a marketing team member upload everybody’s current headshot here
  2. Any existing backgrounds will be automatically removed (oooh, AI …)
  3. Change the colour palette to match your primary brand
  4. Watch as it creates 120 profile picture options for each team member
  5. Choose the amazing background/s you want, and distribute to the team to upload to LinkedIn, Twitter et cetera

The 120 options are consistent – I found 42 that I quite liked for my Brand (see above), but you might choose 1 or a handful of options that you apply to your entire team. Instead of boring or inconsistent backgrounds, your team now stand out all over social media and look like … well, they look like a team.

2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #5

Most of us are familiar with having a “Job” – providing necessary income, but by its nature short term and volatile because you have to keep coming to work each day or the income disappears pretty quickly.

Financial “Freedom” could be defined as the stable, long-term version of that income – the salary that arrives every month, even if we choose never to work again.

The journey between those two – Volatile Job to Stable Freedom – is the focus for this week’s video, as we explore the Wealth Quadrant and in particular the Volatile and Stable Equity options that could drive your freedom forever.

As a business owner, you are sat atop one of the greatest opportunities for rapid and enduring wealth creation. Is your strategy connected with that opportunity? Are you making progress at the pace you want? Or are your commercial dreams as volatile and fleeting as a job?

Watch this week’s video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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