How to Sell in London, Paris, Yorkshire, and Narangba 🤑

London Calling!
And Paris, and Manchester,
and Leamington Spa


May I please ask you a favour?

From April 29 to May 18 I will be hosting some events around the UK – a conscious choice to begin spending more time in this country where many of my clients are based.

See my route map below.

Who are the best people you know (or you might volunteer) that I should spend time with? These might be:

  • Business owners who want more flexibility and flow, but with payroll demands and a young family they feel held back. Every risk now has consequences;
  • Strategic Referral Partners, who would benefit from their business owner clients having more confidence and courage; or
  • Beautiful Human Beings, with no agenda other than abundance (and/or abundant pints of ale).

(And if someone forwarded you this email, Hi I’m Jacob)

Blackboard Fridays Episode #55 – Why the Gratitude Sales Model Wins More Clients

For our Double Nickel episode #55, let’s talk about how to double your sales conversion rates and put more coin into your pocket. 

As a business owner and a business coach, I practice what I preach. This topic is a deeper insight into how I practically apply my sales meeting framework for success.

Last week we learned that (Shock Horror!) different people make decisions in different ways: Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing.

A key decision you want people to make is whether or not to buy your product or service.

I have previously shared the Gratitude Sales Model and how it massively improves conversion rates. In this week’s episode, I’m going to combine these two frameworks.

Click below to learn how the Gratitude Sales Model helps your customers buy in each of a Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing space, accelerating conversion rates and doing away with buyer’s remorse.

Watch this week’s video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor
Seriously international. Look at that map. I’m even going to France!

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