This is why I frustrate my beautiful wife so much

Once upon a time
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Happy Total Eclipse Weekend

Here’s a photo of me and my beautiful wife (and business co-founder) Harmony on our wedding day in 2008.

Why do we look so happy?

Because two years earlier, when I began my training to be a business coach, the first strategic “framework” I took home was all about communication.

(Side note – My business turned 18 on Monday, April Fools Day. Feel free to congratulate me on LinkedIn here.)

What was that communication framework? THINK FEEL KNOW.

Blackboard Fridays Episode #54 – What’s Your Decision Making Style? 

SHOCK! HORROR! It turns out, people are different!

OK, sure, it’s hardly a revelation – but when you understand some of the key ways in which people differ, it makes you much more effective as a business leader, a team member, and (in my case) a husband.

This week’s episode explains the tool I use most often with teams to help them understand their own communication style and decision-making preferences … and those of their colleagues.

It’s called Think Feel Know. Think Feel Know works better than other tools I’ve used because it’s behavioural (this is how you’re showing up at work, it’s not who you are as a person) and it’s inclusive (we all make decisions in all three spaces, so we can find common ground).

Which is why it was so helpful for improving communication between me (a Thinker) and Harmony (a Knower). Once we realised I needed an extra hour, and a spreadsheet, to reach the same decision she made in a nanosecond … well, life became easier!

Watch this week’s video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
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