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So you’ve met Real Estate Grow, seen the team, and recognise that our approach to business is sensational: What’s the process for becoming a Real Estate Grow business coaching client?

Our Client Process

Working with a Real Estate Grow Business Coach

We build long term relationships with our clients. Our greatest desire is to see you achieve your business and personal Vision, and you have flexibility about how we can help you along the way. We don’t use lock-in contracts – as long as you continue to receive a personalised return on your coaching investment, we know our relationship will stay strong.

Some clients want continuous coaching – our presence in their office weekly, fortnightly or monthly for the long haul.

Others are comfortable implementing strategy on their own – they want us in strategic chunks, building in growth spurts and simply being available for a coffee or a chat in between.

Either way, your journey from today to your vision looks like this:

The Real Estate Grow client business coaching process
The Real Estate Grow client business coaching process – note the 4 numbered footnotes, detailed below.

(1)Business and Vision Review

Stand-alone, from $3,000+gst

Working with our expert coaches and consultants begins with the Business and Vision Review. This provides you with:

  • Coaching support to help you confirm and document your business vision – the single most important factor in your success, and the key to productive partnerships
  • A snapshot analysis of your business strategy and operations – our simple report examines the 12 key areas of a
  • Real Estate Business and rates your current activities against industry best practice
  • A strategic roadmap – our recommendations for which order to address your strengths and weaknesses in order to reach your Vision fastest.

Business and Project Coaching

From $1,250+gst/fortnight

For Principals seeking a long-term relationship, we consider ourselves an outsourced business partner – always available for a conversation, here to help your growth, challenging your beliefs but always pushing you towards your Vision.

Project Coaching usually involves focusing on one of the 4 elements from our business coaching methodology – Leadership, Revenue, Reputation, or Wealth – with a dedicated agenda and agreed outcomes. Our work is value, not time based so you are investing in a complete commercial process not a series of pleasant conversations.

  • Project agenda and schedule agreed in advance
  • Face-to-face coaching sessions weekly, fortnightly, or monthly (your choice)
  • Unlimited phone and email support between coaching sessions (subject to our availability)
  • Documentation support – handover to your team is impossible without written communication, and we can help
  • Team coaching as required to further transfer skills and leadership decisions

(2)Each Project is separated into the Design and Execution phases – you choose, as we advance, how much of our help you want in each phase.

The speed of Project Design varies from 2-6 months, depending on your pace and cash flow choices. Our average client invests $2,500/mth with no lock-in contracts.

(3)Project Execution ensures changes are fully implemented, moving them from ‘the new way’ to ‘business as usual’. This takes on average about 6 months.

(4)Some Principals like to move rapidly from new Project to new Project, with the team implementing in the background. Other prefer a longer gap between new Project Design phases. We can help you decide which speed is right for you.

Fresh Commercial Solutions for Your Real Estate Business

Learning more about starting your coaching program is simple:

  1. Contact us for a complimentary, confidential and obligation-free conversation in your office or nearby. Make sure we’re right for you.
  2. Choose to start with just a Business & Vision Review or move faster into your first Project. All fees and timing details are confirmed before you start.
  3. As the results start showing, decide on the speed and frequency of our relationship.

We look forward to working with you to make your business – and your life – the successful dream you know it can be.

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