I must apologise for my email issues

Plus I’m Speaking to the Toughest Audience Ever!


I’m sorry.

In February, a few close contacts stopped replying mid-conversation.

Then clients mentioned they hadn’t seen a specific email. Or two.

Then some calendar appointments began disappearing – and I showed up to a few empty meeting rooms.

Emails and Spam Filters can go awry for a number of reasons – and I’m drawing this to your attention because it’s secret, hidden, and often unsolvable if you get caught up.

Between recent stricter standards by Google and a persistent Microsoft Exchange / Outlook issue … well, I’m still not sure which of my emails will reach you, and which will simply disappear.

Help Me and Help Yourself

👉 If you haven’t already, dig me out of your Junk Email and mark me as a safe sender. That sends signals to your software, and your email provider.

👉 Reply to say G’day! (And thank you to everyone does reply sometimes, even just to tell me how terrible I am).

👉 Be mindful of your own emails. We have an expectation (see today’s Blackboard Fridays video) that an email sent is an email delivered. “Junk Mail folder” is the new “Dog ate my homework”, but if you hear a spike in problems be sure to investigate.

HE SPEAKS! And sorry, you’re not invited

This morning I’m speaking to a very tough audience: 28x 5-year-olds in my daughter’s Prep class.

The school has leant into Harmony Week, and asked for volunteers to contribute. So I’m giving a 10 minute talk (with lots of photos and videos) on my daughter’s family history.

It’s a melange of fascinating anecdotes, with 12 different nationalities mentioned, from the First Fleet to the Battle of Waterloo to the last Tasmanian Tiger.

I’m not mentioning the 17th Century Anglican Priest, or Norfolk Island’s first hangman. But one day I’d love to turn this presentation into a TV series!

What’s the most fascinating story from your family tree?

Blackboard Fridays Episode #52 – How to Manage Team Frustrations and Fails

In last week’s episode on Customer Service we learnt the super-simple Expectations framework, that explains how we often let our customers down.

The same tool can be used internally in your business, to manage frustration and team member fails?

Clearly communicated Expectations are the first layer of Context and the first place to look when Stuff is going wrong in your business.

So click here to learn the ridiculously easy 3 step process for turning a team FAIL into change that WOWs.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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