List of Meaningless Business Coaching Words

Today’s content comes from my colleagues in the UK – as part of their most recent conference (in beautiful Manchester!) the team had a short, sharp exercise listing some commonly used business coaching words … that mean absolutely nothing to our clients and prospects!

List of Meaningless Business Coaching Words

List of Meaningless Business Coaching Words

Key choices:

  • Strategy
  • Growth
  • Context
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Structure

which puts a real dent in my original elevator pitch: “I set Leadership Context to ensure Strategic Growth with an Innovative Structure.”

Come to any of my capacity planning workshops, and you’ll learn that the purpose of strategy is “Language”. Does your management team have a common language? Or is it full of words that are either meaningless, or worse still mean different things to different people?


PS: If you love the topics that combine “meaningless” with “business coaching”, check out Kate Jones’s great article “Are business coaches a waste of time?” The examples in that definitely don’t meet my characteristics of a great business coach, and if you are considering engaging a coach or consultant then the questions at the end are a great place to start!


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