Overseas Korean Trade Association (OKTA) Presentation 2014

As an international business coach and speaker who specialises in working with young entrepreneurs (we have things in common!), I would love for every week to include an opportunity to speak to a group of energetic business people who have global awareness. This coming week I have been invited to just such an opportunity, and I’m excited!

I am honored to be sharing my experience with the OKTA young professionals in Brisbane, Australia, this week. If you are not familiar with the Overseas Korean Trade Association, there are two websites I recommend you visit.

The first is this article discussing the impact Korean families, and in particular the next generation of Korean professionals, are having on the world of fashion business in the USA. I actually read this article only a few weeks before the OKTA invitation.

The second website is the OKTA site (link in English). Here is an organisation with an aim “to train 100,000 Korean Young Businessmen [sic] over the world particularly those overseas 1.5~4th generations who are fluent in local languages and familiar with local cultures”.

That is an incredible vision, and one that will continue to have a powerful impact not only on Korean culture but on business practices all around the world. In addition to sharing my presentation (on “Young Entrepreneurs”) I look forward to learning more about OKTA at the event this week.

Lastly, I’m super excited to see my name on the promotional flyer. It’s one thing to call yourself an “international coach” – and another thing entirely to see it in action!

Overseas Korean Trade Association OKTA Young Entrepreneurs PresentationI’ll be wearing blue on Friday night, and will share my experience in a future article. If you are part of OKTA Brisbane (whether the young professionals group, or otherwise) I look forward to meeting you on Friday night.


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