IN THE MEDIA: How to Save £300 and tell your brand story


I normally save the “In the Media” heading a tag (yes, tag – you can use these to track common articles on my site, like all of my media appearances) for news publications and websites, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

It’s a blog post by UK based web designer (that’s underselling him) Mark Mapstone – not only is it a good read about the value of telling your personal / brand story, but Mark’s done a nice job of integrating some of my experience in there as well.

Experience that includes his choice of photo at the top – that’s a picture of my beautiful wife at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

It's a metaphor.
It’s a metaphor.

Today David Hieatt is holding a DoLecture workshop covering many topics. The tickets are £300 each and you, like me, probably aren’t there. I took a look at the topic list and saw that ‘how to tell your story’ was on it. I thought, ‘I’m qualified to advise on that!’ – on account of me recently completing a creative writing degree and being in business.

So, here’s my cheaper, but equally qualified, version of storytelling with a business perspective:

You can read the whole post here

Post Script: What’s really cool about this is that Mark got his photo, and I got this nice mention, all because of a conversation we had on Twitter when Mark put out a call for a specific image.


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