R ‘n’ R – Roles and Responsibilities Part 3

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Hi! Jacob Aldridge here again, talking once more about Roles ‘n’ Responsibilities … or Rest ‘n’ recuperation.

We’ve already talked about how you as a business owner can better manage your time by spending more time in the Black and the Green to grow your business, and less time in the Blue and the Red. This week, we’re talking about the greatest investment that any business makes: where you choose to deploy the time of your team.

Most of your team members probably spend most of their time in either a Red or a Blue role.

Red are the things like administration, finance, IT which are costs to the business, but they’re things that you can manage to improve your Margin.

Blue covers the Revenue responsibilities, like sales, operations, training, and marketing which brings in cash in the short term. Because both categories are short-term opportunities, that’s where we tend to deploy most of our team’s time.

What can be valuable for you as a business is to:

  1. Calculate where each individual team members spends their time across these roles, just as did for yourself
  2. Then add all of those up to give you an overall idea of where the business is investing its time in the four areas.

I’ve done this with hundreds of businesses over the years, and what I found is that most spend a lot more time managing the Margin and bringing in Revenue than Growing the business or building Wealth for the business owners and the shareholders.

Once you know the percentage mix today, you can make the conscious, controlled choice about how you might want those percentages to look different. Remember – there’s no “Right answer” here. It depends on your vision, your industry, and even where you are in your Business Lifecycle journey.

Even just having that awareness gives you the opportunity to relook at position descriptions, team meetings, systems and processes, to make sure that more of the team are supporting the growth and wealth for your business.

Investment of time in these categories improves the processes in these categories to give you future revenue at a better margin which at the end of the day, what most business owners are looking for.

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