The Russian Brothers and their Cousins

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Hi! Jacob from businessDEPOT over here. Happy Friday. Last time, we talked about R n’ R. Creating roles and responsibilities in your business and with you as the business owner to get more rest and recuperation.

This little tool here we call Russian brothers (because we love family businesses) is one that we use to help a business owner take that conversation to the next level. You may remember we broke a business down into four categories.

Black which was all about growing wealth in the business and things like vision and valuation. The green is growth which means your growth plans for the business management, reporting, culture–those kind of activities. Blue which was around revenue sales, operations workflow, and red which was about improving your margin, managing administration, finances, IT premises and those kinds of things.

Most business owners I talked to find that they’re spending more time in the red than they want and not enough time in the green, which is growing the business or in the black, which is building wealth. So this little exercise helps them identify the specific tasks that they need to redo in order to reinvest their time much more profitably.

So let me introduce you to the Russian brothers: Morov, Lessov, Ridov, and we’re going to throw in their cousin Tossin. How will these guys help you to manage your time and invest your time in the business? Fairly straightforward.

Morov–what are the tasks that you need to be doing more of? I normally find to color code these (and there’s a little green there.) You need to be doing more of the growth activities in your business.

What do you need to be doing less of (Lessov)? Maybe you need to be doing less of some of the administrative tasks that are going on in your business. In which case, are you handing them over to somebody else delegating or are you ditching them completely because they’re not that helpful? For some businesses that are going quite well, the business owner needs to do less of the blue revenue generating activity. They need to get themselves off the tools and maybe even get themselves out of the sales process to release some capacity for the business to grow.

What do you need to be getting rid of (Ridov)? Sometimes you’ll have a very good idea that there’s one or two things we go, “You know what I really just shouldn’t be doing that.” There are others you may feel are harder to get rid of but by putting them here in this category and then having a conversation with your team, you may find they’re easier to get rid of than you expected.

Lastly, what do you need to toss in (Tossin)? What are some things that you’re not doing anything of at the moment that we need to add to your roles and responsibilities? This is where I find there’s some of that green growth and the black wealth building activity. These are the things that really energized most business owners and yet as a business grows and develops, they find that they have less and less time to invest in.

If you undertake this activity, you’ll find activities you need to do more of and one that you need to toss into your weekly routine. Through less of and rid of you, can find opportunities to create that time for your business. You are the most valuable resource your business has. Make sure you’re investing your time in the activities are going to get the greatest return on investment and leverage your team to do those activities that drive the business forward.

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