SO WHAT?! Economic Snapshot and SME Forecast for August 2020

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Since the world changed in March 2020, our Economic Snapshot has been designed to help you make better business decisions. We are all in stormy seas, but some of us arrived in leaky canoes and are trying to fix the boat alone – we will only thrive in this Recession if we do it together.

Learn more about the new economic fundamentals, and the key business benchmark indicators here.

In this Snapshot:

  • Welcome 00:00
  • Coronavirus Active Cases, Deaths, Change since Last Month 02:21
  • Stockmarket Levels for FTSE, Dow Jones, ASX 200 and comparisons to the Peak and Previous Recession Low 16:19
  • Unemployment Rates and comparisons to Last Month and 5 Year Low 18:24
  • GDP Growth and comparison to previous two quarters 25:20
  • A Recession Update – where are we emotionally, typically, and specifically in this L-Shaped Recession? 29:42

IMPORTANTLY, every section includes a discussion of “SO WHAT?!” – so what can you do with this information to improve your business?

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