The 6 Ways to Be Bigger in Business

Was 2023 your business’s best year?
How will you make 2024 even better?


If you’re a B2B business, you’ve likely noticed increasing uncertainty in your clients (and therefore your operations) about the economic situation we will face in 2024.

On Tue Dec 12, in my last public event of the year, I’ll be joining Jarvis Archer from Revive Financial to discuss how to help your clients escape this financial swamp.

  • Jarvis is Australia’s leading ‘Small Business Restructure’ expert, having helped dozens of businesses overcome what seemed like insurmountable debts;
  • My expertise is earlier in the journey, helping revitalise good businesses facing hard times before the debt spiral begins.

So if you’re afraid of what the New Year may hold for you, or are keen to learn more about the warning signs (and possible solutions) for your clients or suppliers, then join us for some practical case studies and actionable insight.

Blackboard Fridays Episode #36 – The 6 Ways to Be Bigger in Business

In last week’s episode we reviewed the 6 Ways your business can ‘Be Better’ with the existing resources you have. Sometimes, however, you absolutely, positively, have to ramp up the size and power of your business engine.

It’s time to ‘Be Bigger’ – so let’s talk about the 6 Ways you can increase the size of your engine. (Those of us with Payroll-Tax-phobia may be surprised that only 1 of those 6 requires hiring more people).

This sequence of priorities – Be Better, Be Bigger, then Be Better again, then Be Bigger again – is the fastest way I’ve found for business owners to achieve their vision sooner.

Which of these 6 Ways to grow are you implementing already?

Click to watch it here or read the article version.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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