How to Work 4 Days Per Week in 2024

You Can Always Make More Money.
Can You Always Buy More Time?


Most business owners I speak with would like more money; EVERY business owner I speak with would like more time. So what separates those of us who always have enough time, from those who are always playing catch up?

Blackboard Fridays Episode #37 – The Momentum Meeting Schedule

Being too busy as a business owner generally means being too reactive – losing time, every day, by reacting to the needs of your team and your clients. Who knew that more meetings could save you time!

Now we know that bad meetings can be terrible time wasters, but as we discussed in Blackboard Fridays Episode #28 blaming ‘meetings’ for a lack of productivity is like blaming ‘spoons’ for all the ice-cream you eat. Used properly, there’s power here.

A proper meeting schedule – which I walk through in this week’s short video – fast tracks communication and decision making across an organisation. Faster, more frequent communication allows you as a leader to be proactive instead of reactive.

Take back control of your time, to release you to do more of what you want in business.

Watch this week’s video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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