Top 5 with D’Leanne Lewis #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from D’Leanne Lewis: Be Your Best (and Worst) Competitor.

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So we’re transitioning from a 25 year old agent (Jared Cooksley) to someone who has been an industry leader for 25 years! Making a wild prediction here that many of the key lessons are going to be similar – class is permanent, and while it may look different from one decade to the next, the fundamental contexts (things like Leadership, Revenue Systems, Reputation, Wealth) remain. My Top 5 from D’Leanne:

  1. Interesting – going with the flow in a listing presentation, rather than having a structure. Although after 25 years, she can read the situation and I reckon if pressed you would discover there’s an underlying structure based on energy management for the client. Key tip about sales: it’s an energetic process, not a structured process.
  2. D’Leanne’s Monday routine (part of her Ideal Week): Locked down, in the office, making calls from 10.30am to 8pm. Emails won’t get looked at until 8pm.
  3. If you want it all, you need to make sacrifices – and if you find you’re working at a high pace and achieving your outcomes, you may still feel disconnected. D’Leanne is also a meditation practioner to manage her energy and focus. There’s also gym / personal training 2 days a week, and walks on the other days. I particularly like the target of reaching the office about 10.30am – I’m not a morning person either, and it’s not the case that everyone is most energised in the morning.
  4. It’s soul destroying as an agent who feels they’re doing everything, to see people writing $5 million GCI and talking about how easy it is. IT’S NOT EASY. You have to work smarter, and generally harder and longer. Lots of overlaps with Vivien Yap in their realism.Tom Panos is interjecting with two key thoughts: Play the Long Game, and Never Compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20. D’Leanne has been rejected more times than most people have even tried.
  5. D’Leanne is not addicted to the commission, but focuses on her KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): she records Addresses, Offers, Prices, Commissions Made and has been tracking these for more than ten years. She aims to list and sell between 6 and 10 properties a month, with more focus on relationship and winning the business rather than needing the commission rate to be as high as possible. “We’re selling houses to people who want them, and we can make that a happy process and be remembered for that.”

I’ve had a really great morning at AREC, and am looking forward to more great chats (and some battery charging) during the upcoming lunch break.

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D'Leanne Lewis
D’Leanne Lewis

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