Top 5 with Lynette Malcolm, Michelle Winckle and Stefanie Dobro #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Lynette Malcolm, Michelle Winckle, and Stefanie Dobro: Power of the Female.

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We’ve already heard from some strong women today – Vivien Yap and D’Leanne Lewis especially. These 3 successful real estate agents are specifically addressing the power of being female.

  1. Organisation and Structure are key – “The Busier you Are, the More Organised You Are” because you just have to get onto things straight away.
  2. Women are naturally very caring – more inclined to listen, and make the connection for follow-on questions. That’s an important characteristic that explains perhaps the ‘over-representation’ of women among the ranks of successful real estate agents. Similarly, an ability to listen to what the client doesn’t say – to pick up on the energy to drive engagement, be a chameleon so you can respond to the circumstances, especially in a listing situation. Have I mentioned that listings are all about energy yet?
  3. Words used to describe these guys: very hard working, high energy, positive, a friend, passionate, persistent, perceptive, humble, willing to help others learn. This makes a good checklist – how many of those characteristics would I hear if I asked your clients?
  4. Work out what the client needs, develop the strategy, and then (most importantly) communicate to the client WHY that strategy is right for their needs so they have buy in to the process. And then keep communicating the process – it’s hard, especially if the sale isn’t going well, to keep the communication going but if you connected energetically in the Listing presentation and you are both aligned about the process, then the response of the market is just that – the market, not you, not them.
  5. Even as attraction agents, these guys are growing their marketshare (you measure that, don’t you?) through other marketing initiatives. And some of the simplest tactics still work – handwritten cards to the street as a just listed (and a post-sale follow-up), community involvement (hint: actually be involved, don’t throw sponsorship at it and expect results), building relationships and asking for referrals.

You’ll notice I haven’t been attributing these key learnings to any individual – most of the discussion has reinforced how all of them follow these key points. I guess that’s why they’re the key points – where 3 top performers agree, there’s something to learn.

Our next, and penultimate speaker for the first day, is Susanne King – live blogged here.

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Lynette Malcolm
Lynette Malcolm

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