Top 5 with Jared Cooksley #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Jared Cooksley: How Millenials Make Millions.

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So we’re shifting from Gold Coast presenters to a Kiwi presenter – is there a difference anymore?!

  1. What does Success TRULY look like to you? Can you write that down? Have you articulated that to your team, your business coach, your partners in business and in life.Importantly, even though your vision of success may be personal … your actual success is rarely individual. It involves those partners, coaches, teams. Jared’s vision is “to create an environment conducive to success” – success for him, and for those around him.
  2. Disruptive Marketing. We’re not reinventing the wheel – we just refine ideas (eg, Easter colouring competition, photos with Santa) for our target market. These little touches (entries require the home address, for example!) demonstrate that the marketing initiative is part of a larger Marketing Strategy – not just an idea rapidly implemented. (See Fix v System v Asset for more on that topic.)
  3. It’s a marketing idea worth it’s own entry – Facebook Live, allowing you to Broadcast live (eg, an Auction) on your Facebook page. Engagement much?! I know some industry companies are doing this (like Jo-Anne Oliveri and Ian Grace, who will be here at AREC tomorrow) so talk to them or – better yet – switch on and watch what they’re doing.
  4. I’m going to chunk up Jared’s listing presentation tips to a higher context that applies at the Principal or Office level: consistency. Do all of your agents – including you – follow a consistent listing process? Could you stop talking halfway through, hand the reins to a colleague, and have them know where you are in the process and finish the listing for you? If not – if there’s inconsistency across your business, then measuring, improving, training and so on become so much more difficult. Put bluntly – if there’s a best way to win the listing, and your team are using many ways, then most of them are using a process that isn’t the best!
  5. Capacity Planning is one of my specialties, and my favourite approach to strategic business planning. From an efficiencies perspective, Jared is talking about how to systemise key processes such as database management – a Client Flow Chart, with an aligned Action Plan for each step, that are followed the same way across the business every time. They also use the Wunderlist App for managing Tasks (I personally prefer Trello, but ultimately it’s not about the App it’s about the Habit!).
    There’s another side to Capacity – planning for Growth, in particular recruitment or reputation growth. As the founder of Real Estate Grow – it’s fair to say that ‘Growth’ is important to me. Efficiencies are critical, and leveragable, but the agent who only focuses on Efficiencies will only ever be an agent – they won’t build a team, run an office, or create true wealth from real estate over and above having a job.

Jared ends on an authentic and emotional note, about his father dying with nothing except hundreds of lotto tickets. Real Estate is a life-changing industry – for you, your family, your clients. If you act like a pro and make it happen.

Our next speaker, and the last before lunch, is D’Leanne Lewis – live blogged here.

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Jared Cooksley
Jared Cooksley

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