Top 5 with Kate Strickland #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Kate Strickland: Mindfulness of a Real Estate Agent.

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  1. Real Estate Agents – Fast Paced and a desperate need to be liked? And many of us are operating on Autopilot – routine, without awareness, without conscious choice.
  2. Mindfulness isn’t about holding hands and singing kumbaye – it’s about clearing the fog in your life, and is especially relevant to those of us (business owners and sales agents alike) on call 24 hours per day. Work will fill the time we give it – 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if we only need 8 hours a day, 6 days a week!
  3. Create Systems – they’re the difference between busyness and business. “I wish I worked more,” said no-one ever. Can you achieve your current outcomes in less time? If that time is more productive – better systems, more mindfulness, greater energy – then you’ll probably create even more!
  4. Work Sprints: 10 weeks going hard, and 2 weeks off – it works for Kate to keep her fresh. This links to both Robin’s and Ivan’s key points about energy and emotion – get ahead of frustration and exhaustion, spend time where it’s really important in  your life (family, travel, friends, etc). This can extend to other Mindful Upgrades – an annual, personal retreat, improved diet, meditation (Kate uses “1 Giant Mind” as a meditation app), massages.
    This isn’t a list for you necessarily. It’s about you asking and discovering what energises you – for the short term, but more importantly for the long term. Maybe some of Kate’s ideas are relevant to you, but take her example not a proscriptive list. (Personally, I like a little sugar and my favourite yoga position is ‘upward facing label’ on a bottle of wine. But personal training, sleep-ins, and charity work are key ways in how I manage my energy throughout the year.)
  5. Great final question: “Why me?” as in, “Why do clients work with me and not the competition?” It comes back to trust – do they trust you to get them the best possible outcome (price, process, time etc) for selling or managing their property? This loops back to the 1st lesson – real estate agents having a desperate need to be liked. Well being liked isn’t sufficient – you need to be trusted, so you need to build trust.

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Kate Strickland
Kate Strickland

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