Top 5 with Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly: Agent 2020.

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Kicking off with some Glengarry Glenross – classic high-pressure sales movie. Of course, Kevin Spacey’s famous line from that movie is “Will you go to lunch?!” – We’re just back from lunch, and ready to learn about the alternatives to that 1985 style of sales with a discussion of the 2020 style of real estate agent.

Will the world’s largest real estate service have no agents? Uber owns no cars, AirBNB has no properties and so on. (If you look at Ray White’s recent partnerships and acquisitions, this may be their strategy?) History is a great teacher, and the history of the last 30 years has been a disruption about every 5 years – those agents who can adapt and change will survive. Future technology will make the real estate agent’s life simpler, easier … but what value does that leave you providing? Here are the 5 areas they’re focusing on – not the only solutions, just their focus.

  1. AGENT 2016: The focus is getting this listings – you need to be a 9 out of 10 skill set at winning the listings. The sales will follow. And you keep your skill levels high through training and better systems.
  2. Community Connection: If you heard me talk at ALPPPS in March, you’ll know this was my key message – the agents that put themselves at the centre of their community will survive and thrive. You can’t imagine your best friend tendering the sale of their home online – you have an authentic, trusted relationship. So how do you scale that up, leverage your 150 closest relationships (Dunbar’s Number) into your target market? Hint: It’s not just about taking commission out of the community, it’s adding value and having a clear personal brand.
  3. Negotiation: How much is the house worth? Well automation of valuation now exists – your potential sellers will already have an idea of how much their house is worth, AND now they point to ‘objective’ and ‘scientific’ evidence to support them. (Personal story: my bank auto-valued one of my properties at, roughly, $60,000 above market. That was great for re-financing. But if I was a less-educated vendor and I thought that was accurate and you were a sleazy real estate agent? Ouch!)Negotiation becomes more and more important in this space, and that’s about understanding the emotional, psychological and energetic factors that impact people. How can you articulate your skills in the Listing presentation, and how can you demonstrate your negotiation skills by moving buyers upwards in price while keeping them happy?
  4. Customer Experience: Expectations are increasing – sellers, like all of us, are now expecting every level of service to be as exceptional as Apple and Disneyland. And there’s the rub – if everyone’s doing it, it’s no longer exceptional. You need to keep improving. The highest levels of customer service today won’t cut it in 2020.Great story about buying a new car and receiving a full hour handover experience; but buying a house and collecting the keys from the receptionist!
  5. And the silver bullet is…Be Real: Keep it simple. Be the best version of you. They quotes Kate Strickland from yesterday – agents are typically optimistic, likeable people. But it’s winning the trust that matters, and authenticity helps you achieve that.These guys live their office’s 4 core values, which includes Being Authentic … not Perfect, Real. They understand their personal, and individual, health. Their financial well-being – because money is an emotion. The power of WHY – your personal vision and purpose.

Make it Happen everybody! Anything is possible.

Our next speakers of this, the final session of AREC2016, are William Phillips and William Manning – live blogged here.

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Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly
Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly

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