Top 5 with Susanne King #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Susanne King: You.

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So we’ve heard a lot about energy management, coaching, and peak performance so far today – and it sounds like Susanne King is a combination of all three – a peak performance coach, who also works with a lot of real estate agents.

As a business coach myself, it’s worth observing the difference between a personal / performance / energy coach … and a business coach. Specifically, and this won’t surprise you, a personal coach works with an individual … while a business coach works with the whole business. And they’re two very different skill sets – I make no pretense to having the skillset Susanne has for working with individuals on their peak performance. I know that my specialty is understanding the vision and strategy for a whole real estate business – the leadership, revenue, reputation and wealth strategies that will take the principal and the team forward.

So on that note, here are the top 5 things I’m taking away from Susanne:

  1. “I’ve got to do it exactly like them” – big mistake. Susanne talks about creating your own success code – how do you take the lessons from others, but apply them to yourself. Unique, brilliant, you. In particular, how do you pick yourself up from a bad week? Do you have the self awareness and system (code) to pick yourself up, or do you need support?
  2. At an event like AREC, you’re only really likely to retain 5% of the information and then only implement 10% of that. Your brain is like a leaky bucket (I guess we really are stupid!). But those who have their own success code will retain more information – the right information, FOR THEM, and the ability to implement all the relevant information rather than forgetting and creating excuses.
  3. Your Success Code starts with understanding YOU. Because the definition of success … of happiness … of productivity … really is personal. And it usually requires investing in yourself – think going on holidays as much as getting a coach. Some key questions:
    1. What can I do today to improve myself?
    2. What do I want to celebrate about what I’m doing and have achieved today?
    3. What am I grateful for? Gratitude opens you up to the opportunities that are already available to you
  4. Here’s how Susanne defines the Success CODE.
    1.  Commitment to improve you
      (See the key questions above)
    2. Own your results
      (Do you take responsibility … or feel entitled to things? Entitlement means you’ve already lost the game. And when you own it, when you have clear goals – share them, own them, write them down or use pictures)
    3. Decide for Yourself
      (But but but – what do you reckon I should do? Nope, own it, create the whole of your own reality.)
    4. Everything is Figureoutable
      (Or as I like to say – you’re not the first person to go through this, and even if you are it’s not rocket surgery. Identify the problem and then figure it out – the answer is either out there or in you.)
  5. Do it. And do it your way. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own success code. Find new and unique ways that actually matter to you, so you will follow through.

I love this stuff! And it aligns nicely with my team’s coaching – it’s about providing the tools, not so you become a copycat doing the same thing as all my other clients. It’s giving you the tools so you can find your own unique way and be well armed to create your success when you do it.

Coming up next, the final keynote presenter of AREC 2016 Day One – Fredrik Eklund, live blogged here.

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Susanne King
Susanne King

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