Top 5 with Michael Clark #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Michael Clark: Making Winning Decisions in a High Pressure Environment.

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I think it was John Howard who said being Prime Minister was the second most important job in Australia – after, of course, being Captain of the Australian cricket team. I’ve heard 3 Prime Ministers speak (that’s getting easier to do – Australia’s created a few of them in the past few years), and earlier this year John Buchanan former coach, but this is the first Aussie cricket captain I’ve heard from.

  1. Focus on the first test in the series. He uses the example of losing 3-0 to the Poms in the 2013 Ashes, and backing up in Australia later that year. His focus as a leader was the first day of the first test – setting up victory for the whole series from the very beginning.Incidentally, I was there that day. England probably won the day, but only just with a key partnership by Australia late in the day keeping us in there. I was there on day two as well – when Mitchell Johnson avec mustache led an incredible bowling spell that turned the match in our favour. Australia won the series 5-0.
  2. Use disappointment to fuel success. Brian Lara told him (when Clark was dropped from the Australian team in 2005) that the only thing you can see clearly is your goal – not the disappointments ahead – and so that vision is what you must cling to through thick and thin. We’ve heard several real estate rainmakers share similar experiences – you may go on a losing streak, but if your focus, your vision, your purpose is strong enough it will guide you through.
  3. Creating a winning culture means that to be part of a team you have to live by the team’s rules. If you let the team down, there have to be consequences – otherwise the rules are toothless and pointless. That applies to your ethics as a real estate agent … and the homework you have to do as an Australian cricketer!
  4. Crystal Clarity – key performance indicators. When Clark was injured and risked missing the Cricket World Cup, he had 9 physical metrics and 12 weeks to achieve them. Only, then it became 8 weeks to achieve them. Ouch – talk about changing the goalposts!But throughout, he had crystal clarity about the measurements he needed and could therefore work out every key step of his progress along the way. I know it’s stating the obvious, but translating this for real estate Principals – when your Vision and Business Strategy are clear, all the little things line up in your mind. And that focus creates greater outcomes – gets you to your Vision. This is why Real Estate Grow starts with a Vision and Business Review on our clients’ businesses – you may want to run a Revenue Project, or a Reputation Project, but both the outcomes and your team’s focus will be lacking if those projects aren’t linked to your Vision with clarity.
  5. Be real, and know who you are. It makes it easier to get back up when you fall down. To feel happiness for someone who may be succeeding where you are not.
  6. So that’s the end of my Top Five – so let’s add the Six rules that helped Michael Clark succeed:
    1. Occasionally be ruthless – make the tough call
    2. Perpetual Worry is not a bad thing – if it reflects your enthusiasm and hunger for success
    3. Be obsessive compulsive about preparation – sounds like consistency and systems to me
    4. See the line, leave the drama behind you – in other words, when you step into the arena you need to let go of all the other stuff that may be going on in your list. Be Present when you need to Be Present
    5. Distraction can be good – Clark listens to music to quieten his mind. (I developed a similar need for noise to help me focus when I was at boarding school – all those years of ‘silent study’ created too much space for my mind to wander and so I sometimes need the distraction to help me focus. Yeah – crazy, but true)
    6. Inspire and be inspired – and you will find inspiration every where, if you’re looking for it! And no matter who you are, someone is looking up to you.

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Michael Clark
Michael Clark

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