Top 5 with Josh Phegan #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Josh Phegan: Become a Great Re-Order Business.

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I’ve not worked with Josh Phegan – I met him briefly at lunch – but since launching Real Estate Grow I’ve asked a lot of people who the best sales agent coaches are. And they all mention Josh – so I’m looking forward to this! I expect there will be more than 5 key learnings.

  1. You have to dream very big, because big dreams and mediocre dreams take the same amount of effort. Great quote from Google’s Larry Page.
  2. Change your field of view. Stop focusing on ‘Now’ business – what are you doing now that creates your business next month, quarter, year, decade? And how does your energy change when it’s not about now or never – it’s about trust and patience.Josh talks about “creating a great re-order business”. Some of that is referrals, sure, but mostly it’s about continual, ongoing relationships. Most agents feel awkward calling a buyer the first year they own the home, because they’ve just moved in … and then awkward after two or three or five years because they haven’t kept in touch in between!(We have a Client-Property Lifecycle Model for our clients that supports agents to not just have conversations with people from the year they move into a property, but have the right conversation.)
  3. Hierarchy of Work: Ivan talked about Buyer work first. Here is Josh’s hierarchy:
    1. Potential Sellers
    2. Buyer Work
    3. Market Appraisals
    4. Landlords (yup, talk to your Property Management Department as well)
    5. Key Referrers
    6. Past Clients
    7. People you Know. As in, every person you know. Call ’em. Chat. Why cold call when you already know people and have the opportunity to leverage your history.Farm for Marketing. Hierarchy for Calls. And the person who can be most consistent will be the most powerful.
  4. Language is Powerful – how do your words make people feel? Are you planning the energy and emotion you want to create in the other person during the conversation?

    To sell John Smith what John Smith buys, see the world through John Smith’s eyes.

  5. The 4 Dimensional Customer. Is this client a Buyer, a Tenant, a Landlord, or a Seller? Better question: how many of your contacts are all 4 of these? Josh is. And he believes today’s CRM systems aren’t customer-centric enough – they don’t support the agent to really leverage all the dimensions of real people. Great agents have been doing this forever – Josh’s grandfather had things like ‘The June Book’ that listed every sale he made in June for anniversary calls. Sometimes we trust technology … and lose value.
  6. Customer Experience: The One Day, One Week, One Month, One Year strategy that’s foundation to Josh’s client lifecycle model. There’s a specific touch point at each of these stages … and clients love it!

    This applies elsewhere as well. What experience are you creating for every client, every day?

  7. If you obsess about your customer as much as your competitors, you’ll win a lot more business!
  8. Josh is releasing a heap of videos, scripts and dialogues purely for AREC delegates – head over to
  9. You have to dream to become something great. It will require a leap of faith. Once you’ve made that decision, you will need to fight, to climb, and once you arrive it will be the perfect time to start again.

So now I can speak with personal experience about Josh Phegan’s expertise – expect to hear more!

Incredibly, we have reached the final keynote of the conference. Click here for my live blog listening to Michael Clark (the former Australian cricket captain, not the top performing real estate agent.)

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Josh Phegan
Josh Phegan

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