I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Phil Harris: The Elite Performers Blueprint.

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What is it that elite performers are doing on a day-to-day basis? Phil Harris has spent a lot of time travelling around the world looking for the best real estate agencies and agents, to find the ideas he shares with his team:

  1. Shifts are more about Mindset than Skill set. Great example of limiting beliefs – when Phil started in real estate, top performers at award nights were selling 4-6 properties per month so he defined that as success (and struggling to reach that ceiling). Then he started meeting genuine top performers who were averaging 10+ transactions per month – Phil broke through that ceiling to achieve 100+ sales in his second year.
  2. Phil’s growth focus wasn’t marketing, billboards, letterbox drops etc … it was making a difference with every person he met. He cites Don Ritchie, ‘The Angel of the Gap’ who saved an estimated 500 people from committing suicide, as a higher level context of willingly asking ‘Is there something I can help you with?‘ with no expectation.92% of people will change brands, products or companies to align with those that serve a greater cause. So we’re back to the critical importance of WHY in business – earning great money is a by-product of serving great people.

    Some great tips – Set to Sell (“Expectation” meetings) with Vendors; Energy management to ‘do deals without bruising people’ including sellers and buyers; and an obsessions with referrals (including rewarding them super well)

  3. How have real estate agents evolved over the years? Phil talks about the evolution of Agent 3.0.
    Agent 1.0: Local Legend, lists 4-6 properties a month … somehow
    Agent 2.0: Electronic Database, Use of Systems, PA. I agree with Phil – this was the pinnacle when I started in the industry 16 years ago
    Agent 3.0: Intensely Trained, Rapid Growth, Saturation Marketing, Massive Leverage, Brand within a Brand, Nice Guy Approach, Pro Athlete Fit
    (For Principals, this means building a platform for great agents to succeed not fearing their departure.)
    (I’m fairly confident an elaboration of this point will make the Top 5 Mission Critical report I’m working on!)The #1 KPI Phil looks for is Legacy – what is the person leaving behind, in particular leadership and supporting career development in those you work with. This is personal leadership – and it’s a magnet for attracting other high performers.
  4. Winning Rituals:
    4x daily deja vu (see below), Weekly reviews, and AM/PM energy management:

    1. Morning routine that gets you into a state of peak performance (eg, exercise, diary review, meditation, affirmations);
    2. Meet with your Team – set agenda, even if it’s just meeting with yourself daily
    3. Prospect every single day – at least 90 minutes before midday. Mat Steinwede taught him that prospecting for an hour every day changes your career, and 2 hours every day will change your life
    4. Do Deals – afternoons are about interfacing with 4-5 people, and you’ve got to be selling property in 30 days (for most markets). This links to a key, repeatable process for Price, Presentation and Marketing
  5. Call Lists – print these out to focus your phone activity:
    1. ABC Appraisals – (A) about to list, (B) 30-90 days, (C) long term
    2. Top 20 Club – Key referral sources
    3. Top 100 Club – Past vendors, Past buyers etc
    4. Top 20 buyers
    5. Current vendor list
    6. Just Listed Appraisals
    7. Just Sold Appraisals
    8. Saturday past appraisal updates – every Saturday afternoon, report on your market place to at least half a dozen A Appraisals. Doesn’t even have to be your sales!

Lastly, another one of these consistent themes: the world needs you to be you. Take the ideas and the strategies but wrap them up in your own personal style. Thanks Phil – I found the frameworks and structures in this presentation to really help pull together a lot of the content from yesterday as well.

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Our next speaker is Zali Reynolds – live blogged here.

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Phil Harris

Phil Harris

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