10 People in Your Recession Business War Cabinet

Good Recession Presentation #7 01.05.2020

This week: “DON’T PANIC” As your business approaches the end of the “Emergency Response” phase, and begins Planning for the future, it’s time to restructure your “Recession War Cabinet”.

  • Who are the 5 Key Relationships every business owner needs?
  • Who are the 5 New Relationships you want to start introducing?
  • How do they play nicely together in your sandbox?
  • Plus, as always, our Weekly Economic Snapshot and Welcome Meditation

This is the seventh of our regular, standalone, pandemic recession videos, hosted by international business advisor Jacob Aldridge.

Welcome 00:00
Meditation 02:24
Economic Snapshot 06:16
Is Australia the Lucky Country Once Again? 08:41
Your Business Priorities for This week 13:36
Revising your War Cabinet and Where you Invest your Time 15:32
A special offer from Jacob Aldridge, available anywhere in the world 34:38
Next Steps & Downloads 42:47

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Where do you Invest your Time?

Among the most valuable strategic frameworks and projects I’ve helped business owners implement is “RNR” – the concept that your (and your team’s) time is the most valuable asset in your business, and how you invest that time will determine your commercial and cultural success.

Clear “Role ‘n’ Responsibilities” give you “Rest ‘n’ Recuperation”. The initial “Respond Phase” of a Recession naturally pulls you and your team back into the “Red and Blue” areas. Now is the time to make sure you don’t stay there, because the “Green and Black” areas are at least 10X as valuable.

Enjoy these 3 short videos from my “Blackboard Fridays” series, as they explain:

  • The RNR Concept
  • The Exercise you can do with your diary, or across your entire business, to understand today’s investment and whether you can achieve better returns with a different mix
  • The “3 Russian Brothers” exercise to help business leaders make the change from their current responsibilities to those which propel a business toward its vision

Specific Advisors I Recommend

If you trust your current advisors (accountant, business coach etc) then now is not the time to change, and these people would also be the ones to ask about filling any gaps your business may have in the Recession ‘War Cabinet’ I propose.

Here are some individuals I recommend, with two important caveats: firstly, your ‘advisors’ in some categories may be employees not consultants; secondly, no advisor (not even me) fits every business, so while all of these individuals and companies are fantastic they may not be right for you.

If you want to discuss, please let me know: jacob@jacobaldridge.com

A Business Advisor with Recession Experience

Your New Year’s Resolutions and January business plan is probably irrelevant right now. So too, the mediocre advisor’s toolkit of positive intentions and motivation is exposed when a predictable Recession arrives.

This is particularly hard in Australia, where my business is based. Because we haven’t had an official Recession in almost 30 years (and no, the Asian Financial Crisis, GFC, etc are not quite compatible), very few accountants / lawyers / business coaches have this experience.

After all, why am I the deep generalist hosting Don’t Waste a Good Recession? Because I am an international business advisor, I lived and worked in the UK and North America during the Great Recession (GFC), so I have seen both the unique challenges and solutions small and medium sized businesses are facing right now.

Of course, I’m not the right fit for every businesss. If you want my list of Brisbane-based business coaches, click here. I have similar relationships in almost every English-speaking country around the world – reach out if you want an introduction.

Finance Professional / Stimulus Expert

For many SMEs, these two roles are both filled by your Accountant. If your Accountant can fill both, great; in my experience (as a former Partner in an Accounting Firm) most struggle to step into true forecasting and strategic planning.

I recommend:

Self Care

This can be as simple as your personal trainer or mindfulness coach. It may also be a solution you take to your whole business, and these recommendations (all of whom I have engaged to work with my teams) cover the range:

Brand Strategy

Don’t confuse “Brand” (what makes you special) with Branding (the marketing representation of that essence). Just go talk to:

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Knowing what you need and who can help you with that is the great difficulty in finding good Marketing guidance. Review this shortlist and mention my name when making contact:

Strategic HR

If your teams’ time is the most valuable resource in your business, then it pays to be great at HR both compliance and strategy. Talk to:

Customer Journey

As you can see, in some of these categories there is an innovative organisation that is so far ahead of any other that I’ve seen that I cannot recommend you invest with anyone else. In regards to putting your customer at the heart of your business – with the benefits for RND, Sales, Marketing, Profit, and more – those people are:

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  1. Great video Jacob. So important for us all to Stop, Breathe, Reflect and Plan. That’s when surrounding yourself with the right advice and support becomes so critical – the “war cabinet”!

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