Are You an Expert or an Imposter? Are You Sure?

Imposters are the only people who don’t get Imposter Syndrome

First, may I ask you a favour?

October is traditionally my busiest month for new clients – something about the looming year-end prompts an aspirational business owner to act now.

2023 is proving no exception, but the improved efficiency and smaller investment option I recently wrote about means I still have more spare capacity than I would like.

My ideal client is usually:

  • a 30-45 year old business owner,
  • who has achieved some success and built a team,
  • but is juggling a young family alongside increasingly large business aspirations (“freedom and impact”).

They’re uncertain of the journey from here to where they want to go, and would appreciate the advice of someone who has helped bridge that gap for 350+ companies in 12 different countries.

If you know someone like that, could you please:

With my love and thanks in advance.

And now to this week’s Blackboard Fridays Episode…

1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #31 – Are you an Expert or an Imposter?

  • ‘The Peter Principle’ is a theory of management that says people eventually get promoted beyond their skill set. Do your job well enough, and you’ll keep being promoted until you go one step too far and start struggling.
  • ‘The Dilbert Principle’ is a theory that only the incompetent are promoted, intentionally removing them from important work by making them managers.

Either way, the risk to your fragile ego is clear: have you climbed the ladder to success based on your expertise, or are you faking it … without getting any closer to making it?

So if you ever want an objective tool to help you assess expertise – in yourself, or in your team – then blow up a balloon and enjoy this week’s #BlackboardFridays episode here.

Then buckle in, because next week we will apply this framework to designing your team’s training plan … in a video that’s been watched more than 13,000 times.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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