You Can Easily Improve your Team’s Training Outcomes – Critical during Uncertain Times

Are you Unconsciously Incompetent?


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The more people I meet with at the moment, the clearer it becomes how much uncertainty exists for small and medium size business owners. We’re not yet back into “Don’t Waste a Good Recession” territory, but every business decision is being made through uncertainty.

Including “Training”.

Did you know that Internal Training is the #1 priority for a business during a mild economic downturn? The reason is simple – when there’s 5-10% less work going on, you’re not going to ruin culture and growth plans by triggering mass layoffs. But with less work to deliver each week, it’s easy for team members to become complacent – which is an enormous cost you won’t realise until 6 months later when the work returns, and the team have forgotten how to be efficient.

Better Training is one of the 6 ways to get more power out of your current engine.

And this week, my video and article will walk you through how to design and develop that better training program. It begins with a “Training Needs Analysis” – building on last week’s concept about different layers of learning, to identify the skill gaps and desires in your team and easily design a training plan to help them improve.
It’s the second most popular Blackboard Fridays episode (by YouTube viewers), and one of the most fun projects I run with my coaching clients.


1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #32 – How to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis for your Team

In last week’s episodes we discussed a simple tool for measuring expertise – the journey from Unconscious Incompetence (where you’re useless, but you don’t know it) through to Unconscious Competence (where you’re awesome, and take it for granted).

It was a journey that went through Inspiration, Design, and Execution, and it’s excellent for objectively assessing how skillful you or one of your team are in a particular area.

This week we add steroids to the concept: how do we measure ALL of the skills your business needs, across ALL of your team members?

Because if you can do that, then you can build an annual training plan that effortlessly addresses overall business needs. You can push responsibility for skill development back on to individual team members. And you can design a career path through your organisation (and your industry) based on the growing capability an individual acquires – or can acquire, with the right training plan.

Naturally, the coloured chalk comes into play as well.

Watch and enjoy this week’s video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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