I got to be a ‘Small Business Survival’ podcast guest!

I’m a Podcast Pest? So if you’re looking for a guest, hmu…


If you want to see what world-class video marketing looks like for a business on a budget, you must visit Suburban Pest Management’s channel.

Over the past 9 years, Tom and Kahlee have taken their small business from 12 people to the #1 Pest Management Company in Australia.

Like all amazing business owners, this power couple are now reaching out to help other business owners (especially couples in business together!) to survive and thrive. They call it the “Small Business Survival Guide“, an honest and open sharing of their business journey to date.

And I was privileged to be invited onto Episode #4, where we discussed:

  1. Why they couldn’t afford a business coach, but invested in me anyway
  2. What specific strategies we implemented to rapidly improve profit margins and cash flow
  3. How they have grown a business so fast without losing freedom and flexibility.

Take a look … and remember to Like & Subscribe. Episode #2 has been watched heaps more times, so I’d like to catch up 🙂

Blackboard Fridays Episode #48 – The 5 Steps to Strategic Referral Channels

Of the eight new business coaching clients and projects I started in February, seven came from my strategic referral partners. And I’m immensely grateful to everyone who says “You need to meet Jacob, I will have him give you a call.”

This does not happen by accident. Nor does it happen by repetitively having the same conversations, you know the ones:

  • “Let’s grab a coffee”
  • “Small talk, small talk, weather, economy, small talk”
  • “I’m so amazing and so busy. You too?”
  • “Let’s do something together…” but you never do.

Want to know the actual 5 Steps to Strategic Referral Channels?

This process that supports the largest sales teams, and means freelancers, tradies, and professional service pros never need to chase clients ever again?

Watch this week’s video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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Got 4 minutes? Find out if you’re ready to unleash the hidden power in your small business.

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