Top 5 with William Phillips and William Manning #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from William Phillips and William Manning: Two Strong Wills.

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They say that when there’s a will, there’s a way. What happens when there are two Wills?

  1. These guys are addicted to competition, to winning, to getting the deal done, to smashing the vendor’s expectations. That’s a great driver and motivator.
  2. Systems: Will P is running a live role-play with Tom Panos, and you get the impression he’s not making these questions up on the spot! Consistency applies in the sales process as much as it does to marketing. When you find a system that works, why would you vary it?!The best question (I reckon) is ‘Why did you call me?’ This tells you how well your Brand is positioned in the mind of the potential client – did they call you because you were one of a dozen flyers they’re referencing, or because of a warm referral where you exceeded sales expectations? How will your Listing Presentation differ between those two clients?He is also listening for the client’s anchors and priorities. And this is in a two minute phone call before the Listing Presentation – imagine how much more personalised and therefore powerful his presentation is going to be knowing this information, compared to a competitor asking the questions on the night … or not at all?!
  3. Raving Fans: It’s come up a few times, because strong referrals make great real estate agents. But this comes back to source – you don’t create advocates by trying to create advocates, you create these raving fans by delivering an exceptional result for your clients. To use another old cliche – the sizzle will only get you so far, because eventually you have to demonstrate the steak.And this extends to other agents – Will M does a lot of conjunctions, building relationships and treating other agents as clients. If you can get a higher price with your buyer than he can, that’s fantastic – and we’re talking 50/50 not 10-20% shares … because this creates for Will a massive network effect that benefits both his clients and his personal sales business.
  4. When Will P started his career, he (of course) liked the idea of finding the silver bullet. What he learned and found was that prospecting was the secret … and it requires consistency and hard work. He still targets 100 phone calls a day – looking to give, looking for contacts, looking for relationships … not immediate listings.
  5. I’ll cheat and use my fifth and final learnings for some unconnected pearls of wisdom:

    The bar is always high – we don’t celebrate every little win, and that means we don’t get hung up on every loss.

    When you start focusing on how much you want to help the vendor, you stop worrying about commissions (and you avoid what Tom Panos calls “Commission Breath”).

As the last two practicing real estate agents to speak at this Conference, I have to acknowledge just how much the speakers selected have fulfilled the #Rainmaker context of the 2016 event. I’ve worked with a lot of ‘Million Dollar Agents’, but I’ve certainly never seen so many of them together at once … and I was massively impressed by the consistency of their message. Being a top real estate agent is not about choosing from one of a dozen paths to success. The system is there and it works. Learn, Follow, Profit, Enjoy.

Our penultimate speaker for AREC 2016 is Josh Phegan – I promised to live blog him whether he was fabulous or shite, although of course I’m expecting him to be fantastic. Check out Josh Phegan here.

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William Phillips
William Phillips

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