Top 5 with Brian Whiteman #AREC16

I’m live-blogging #AREC16 from the Gold Coast. Here are my top learnings from Brian Whiteman: Seven Figure Secrets.

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Welcoming our final speaker before lunch on AREC Day 2. Brian Whiteman has been in real estate just two years, but is already a $1 million+ GCI writer per year. Talk about moving quickly through the Hype Cycle and into the Profit Cycle!

  1. If you’ve got passion, it will come from the heart and people will believe you. Some people will never retire! Monika Tu was like that, and Brian had the same experience – combined with  love of real estate, a desire to spend time with people, and buying a house through Mat Steinwede he entered a new career in real estate!
  2. Even doorknocking can be fancy! You know, a slightly fun knock … and then take a few steps back so you’re not up in their face. This is an energy technique – pull not push, have other people come to you rather than feeling you have to go to them.
  3. Raving Fans! Sometimes the people who will “only leave their house in a pine box” can be your biggest advocates. Why? Because they ‘know’ you’re building  relationship with them from a genuine space, not because you’re expecting a short-term transaction. So they get your authenticity – and people love talking about real estate with authenticity.
  4. It’s not really a key learning, but I love the story of increasing a listing price by $300,000 (compared to the other agency who had the listing) and then achieving that price. His mindset in that relationship was great – seeing himself as an advisor (you need to paint that, fix that etc) not just an agent (despite the great process he takes all of his clients through).

    After that great commission, he recruited a team. And genuinely, a partner – his beautiful wife. I’ve met many couples working in real estate teams and making it work … it requires both of you to be energised and focused, because I’ve also seen many couples in business together where it doesn’t work and it’s usually because one of them only joined the business because “they needed me” or “it just made sense to join”.

    That ‘team’, naturally, extends to great mentors.

  5. Here’s a great Vendor Paid Advertising lesson – Brian always requires VPA, and what he noticed was that the clients who invested in VPA were those genuine about selling who would commit to the process and help Brian to keep the deals together. If the client argues about commission and won’t commit to VPA, then you have to ask whether they’re actually willing to do what is required to sell.

OK, we’re off to lunch – come say hi if you spot me! – and returning for the final session this afternoon with Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly, to be live blogged here.

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Brian Whiteman
Brian Whiteman

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