When will the Coronarius Recession End?

Good Recession Presentation #5 17.04.2020

“When will the Coronavirus Recession End?” See the chapter guide below, or watch the whole presentation as we ask (and answer):

  • When will your business move from ‘Respond’ to ‘Recovery Plan’?
  • When will the Recession End? When will the Economy ‘bottom out’, allowing you to execute your plan for maximum profit?
  • What can you as a small or medium sized business owner focus on to benefit from the whole Recession journey?

This is “Don’t Waste a Good Recession”, a group with positive and practical advice for businesses from 2 to 500 staff. This is the fifth of our regular pandemic recession videos, hosted by international business advisor Jacob Aldridge:

Welcome 00:00
Meditation 00:37
Economic Snapshot 04:25
How to Respond Priorities for NEXT week 08:52
When will the Respond Phase end? 09:28
When will the Recession End? 24:38
The 4 Transformations a Recession makes to business 36:19
Next Steps & Downloads 39:35

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