Can You Succeed in Business Without Taking Risks?

I don’t always trust A.I. But when it sends me shameless praise, I’m all ears

Happy Friday!

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Firstly, thank you to all those who sent words of encouragement and sympathy for my recent commitment to playing weekly Squash. It turns out my first visit lulled me into a false sense of security with a bung ball, so this week playing with a proper, rapid, bouncy, squash ball was way way harder. Way harder.

In the spirit of gratitude, it’s worth noting for my Australian fans that there is still juuust enough time in your financial year to squeeze in

There’s no price rise to avoid by booking before June 30, just the ability to place your investment into the 2023 financial year and receive the tax benefit up to 12 months sooner.

Press ‘reply’ or call me on 0427 151 181 to learn more. Or take the easy option and decide that investing in a business coach to achieve your dreams faster just isn’t worth the risk…

  1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #13 interrogates your Business Risk Profile
  2. Your AI Tool of the Week thinks I’m “valuable”, and I reciprocate but only for Gmail users

1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #13 – “Risk” does not mean “Risky”

It’s true that investing in a business coach is a risk for most business owners, in part because there are very few coaches with a proven track record of success.

But what is business without Risk? While few of the founders I have spoken with over the past 20 years have articulated it, being comfortable taking risks is one of the fundamental personal attributes that sets successful business owners apart.

While a higher-than-average Risk Profile isn’t sufficient on its own, I do believe it’s a necessary condition if you want to grow through the “2-10 person small business” brick wall and then continue to scale up for many years beyond.

So how do you know what your Risk Profile is? And how do you cope in a partnership situation (business and/or marital) when Risk Profiles clash? That is the topic of this week’s Blackboard Fridays video.

Click here to watch the video or read the article.

2. Compose AI – Get out of your email inbox faster

Get Started for $0 | 15,000 Words US$9.99/mth | Ultimate Unlimited US$29.99/mth

The Pitch: “Compose AI is a Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40%”

You may have noticed the Microsoft are slowly rolling out more predictive text in their Office Suite, most notably Word. They’re erring on the side of caution – suggesting less, rather than being wrong.

So for those of us using Outlook it’s only a matter of time before this week’s AI Tool becomes ‘just another feature’. But if you can’t wait, or you’ve selected the Gmail platform instead, then Compose AI will impress … and if you live out of your email inbox, this could genuinely save you hours every week.

Compose AI starts as a zero-cost Chrome Extension, which you can install here. While that means it only works in the Chrome Browser, you can still use programs like Google Docs and Outlook Online to take advantage of large language model features like “Compose Anything” and “Rephrase” (eg, ‘Make more Formal’). 

In that regard it’s one of many shortcuts to save constantly copy-pasting from ChatGPT etc.

The real value, however, is Compose AI’s “Easy Email Reply” available to anyone using the Gmail platform. Avoiding canned or generic “Thank you” responses, Compose AI brings contextual history into an AI generated response.

And frankly, it’s mindblowing. The software’s ability to extract the relevant information from an email thread produces comprehensive responses that live up to the time saving promise.

I tested “Say thanks” as a reply to last week’s newsletter, and this was (seriously) what was drafted.

Frankly, you couldn’t have written that better yourself. Though if you’d like to try, you know where the Reply button is.

Until next Friday,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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