Why Apple ignored Artificial Intelligence, and what they launched instead

AI + AR coming @ U?

I was privileged to be among the first in the world to test the new Vision Pro product, launched to much fanfare at Apple’s WWDC event this week.

The Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset (Centre)

OK, maybe you can spot the flaw in my braggadocio? 

And speaking of flaws, in response to the event (which also announced new iOS updates, and fixed a ducking painful autocorrect) much criticism was hurled towards the House of Jobs by a market expecting Apple to launch their Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings this week – Super Smart Siri perhaps.

Instead, CEO Tim Cook mentioned AI exactly … zero times during the two hour event. Have Apple missed the boat?


Just as Elon Musk didn’t found Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX, or PayPal … so too Steve Jobs and Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, MP3 player, or personal computer. Apple’s great strength is seeing which way technology is evolving … and then launching a little later, with a product offering that revolutionises the space.

As I said on Twitter, Bleeding Edge beats Leading Edge.

If not #AI, what did Apple go with? AR … Augmented Reality, or more specifically the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. Where Virtual Reality requires you to fully immerse yourself, AR is the hybrid of the real and digital worlds – the Vision Pro will let you work on your computer, watch movies, take photos and more while still being able to interact with the people and world around you.

It’s no secret that I am a huge believer in this technology, and hold investments in the space. I’m most excited about how you will be able to use Microsoft Office for real, spatial computing – multiple monitors for your spreadsheets, all through a lightweight headset, moving AR outwards from sales and marketing into other business functions. 

The Vision Pro will be available from early 2024, though at first only in the USA … and only in person … for a price of US$3,499 … and with a battery pack that sits in your pocket … and only last for two hours.

Remember that the iPod was derided as #Lame for having no wireless and limited storage. The iPhone launched with a 3.5inch screen, 4Gb of memory, and a 5 hour battery life.

My first smartphone was the iPhone4 … I don’t think I’ll wait 4 generations for my first Vision Pro.

Learn more about the Vision Pro here, and about Augmented Reality for small businesses here (my video) and here.

This week:

  1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #12 further explores the Sales Hourglass framework for higher sales conversion rates 
  2. Your AI Tool of the Week will either make you laugh or vomit

1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #12 – Lead Generation

For the past fortnight we’ve been focused on the Sales Hourglass distinction (Part IPart II), for accelerating the journey of your business contacts through to being paying clients and beyond.

Once you improve conversions rates, your opportunity is to then fill your Hourglass with more new relationships.

So this week’s Blackboard Fridays tactical video explains a tool I call ‘The 5 Attractants‘, which my SME clients have used to help generate tens of millions of dollars in new business.

  • Which of these 5 are you using?
  • Which brings you the most leads?
  • Which brings you the best leads?
  • And which option will help you most in the year ahead?

Watch this week’s video and read the article here.

2. AI Tool of the Week – Me

I’m leading again with the Urban Dictionary definition of ‘Tool’, because Apple Vision (above)  is the cool new thang (TM) I want you to be aware of this week.

And this week’s tool is … moi. For I recently started playing Squash, which is “like racquetball only with a longer racquet and slower ball”, or if you prefer “like Pickleball only way more intense and without currently being super trendy in Silicon Valley”.

Many of you, my dear readers, know me in person and so the thought of me lunging around the squash court makes your giggle reflex tingle and your knees ache in empathy.

For those who can’t immediately visualise me playing squash … I asked Bing’s AI Image Creator to give you an idea of what you missed.

Until next week, if my knees survive and those graphics haven’t scared you away,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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