Who Would Win a Fight Between Tony Robbins, Jacob Aldridge, and an Inflatable Doll?

A lesson in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), that sadly lacks a definitive answer to the Tony Robbins / Inflatable Doll battle question you ask.

Business Sold for $5.8 Million – An Overnight Success Story!

The opportunity to sell presented itself quickly, but the small business owners were ready from years of preparation. Here are the steps and costs involved.

How the Accountant Nearly Killed the Deal

If it sounds too good to be true…maybe you just don’t understand the deal. This Accountant couldn’t understand how a small business valuation could be so high!

Profit is Past, Risk is Future.

We sold this Australian small business for a Valuation of Profit x 26. Here are the 4 reasons we used to convince the Buyer to happily pay so much more.

Valuation Methodology Principles for Selling a Small Business

Yesterday we met the Australian small business I helped sell for 250 times profit. Today we look at Valuation Methodologies and why accountants are handcuffed.

How We Sold the Business for 250 Times Profit!

The average small business in Australia sells for a Multiple of Profit x 2-4. Learn how we Valued this business at $5.8 million and sold it for Profit x 250.

Don't waste a good recession September Update

2021 Queensland Business Grants – Help Program

Over my 15 years helping small and medium sized businesses across Queensland, many have benefited from Government Grants to help release some cash flow to fund their next strategic step. In May & June 2021, the government is releasing two new grants – and you may be eligible: Business Basics – a $5,000 Grant to…

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28 Essential Technology Startup Business Terms

One of my “bricks and mortar” business clients is expanding into the digital world, having identified a sizeable opportunity. This has meant engaging some technology partners and planning a capital raise, which I have been asked to oversee. We had the first meeting with the chosen partners last week, and after all the chat about…

My Pond Theory Part II, or How Social Networks Avoid Failing [Archive]

Originally published on the Shirlaws Business Coaching Blog, 2007-2010. How to change So I think I have the answer to why, as they currently exist, social networks must ‘fail’. (You will have noted I put ‘fail’ in inverted commas. Many will succeed in their own way, by staying small and avoiding this issue. Most of those…