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Merry Christmas

We’re on the repeat viewing of the Blackboard Fridays video series, by popular demand after the original pause when I became a dad in 2019.

Email marketing (which I started in 2008) and content creation like these videos remain one of the most important brand and lead generation sources for my business coaching services.

So this week, I wanted to go behind the scenes – show you how we created over 100 episodes of Blackboard Fridays, and focus on the key context for any of your marketing initiatives.

Whatever your business plans for the new year, consistency is the difference between success or otherwise.

Where relevant to you, enjoy the next two weeks with your family and friends. I’ll still be writing to you next Friday!

1. Blackboard Fridays Episode #39 – How We Filmed Blackboard Fridays Every Week

In this week’s episode, we go Behind the Scenes. I hope you’re sitting down to learn the shocking news that we don’t actually shoot our videos every Friday morning – it’s much more efficient for me and my team to do these in ‘batches’.

Transparency is one of my great personal values, and I know from experience that being transparent about my business decisions helps other business owners with their focus. Hopefully ‘opening the kimono’ to show you my process, team, and equipment will help dispel the myth that YOU can’t create something just as amazing as we do.

If you’re not into videos, you might prefer this broader marketing analysis about the importance of consistency over quality.

Want my number one tip for creating video content to help your business? Just do it! No matter where you start, you will improve, and will ultimately be embarrassed about your first efforts. So why not start now?

Watch the whole video for more details, and a cameo from the man on the other side of the camera…

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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